5 Tips for feeling amazing in your body with whole foods

5 Tips for feeling amazing in your body with whole foods

 I am hosting a free LIVE webinar at noon on the 5 Tips to feel amazing in your body. These include learning your healthy blueprint, reducing inflammation, mindful eating, and detoxing naturally. Lastly it includes a whole food diet.  Foods that are mostly from the Earth and reducing package foods. Here are 5 tips for moving into a whole foods diet! 

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5 Tips for Whole Food Eating!

How to keep the transition Simple!

Here are five simple tips for transitioning to a Whole Foods Diet

1. Keep it Simple!  Eat mostly simple whole foods that come from the Earth.

2. Support and Guidance are so helpful and necessary for most of us for transformation to occur, including myself!  Eating for bio-individuality to fit our unique lifestyle and physical needs is a crucial step in feeling your best! Find out what fuels your body and what does not!  It is different for everyone. We would love for you to join our free facebook group here. In the group but been MIA for awhile?? Check in and say HI!

3. Quality over Quantity always!  When you consume more nutrient dense foods, and combine your foods properly, you will be amazed at the sustainable energy and satisfaction you will have throughout your day. I realize that we all have different resources available to us, but when possible, local, organic, grass fed, and in season is always the best, most affordable, and rewarding way to eat.  The flavor of high quality food is an added bonus to the health benefits!

4. Know that everything is possible!  Every meal is an opportunity to nourish yourself!  Always embrace where you are! Release expectations and enjoy the journey!

5. A healthy and balanced relationship with food is so important.  Everything in moderation. If you do not enjoy it, don’t eat it.  There are so many delicious and healthy foods out there (desserts included), you just have to know how and where to find them.  I love to recommend a 70/30 or 80/20 rule to allow yourself small indulgences.  Over time, your idea of an indulgence will change and habits will change as you begin to feel better! This is what we are talking about this week in our 5 Day HEAL_THY SELF challenge.  We hope you will join in the facebok group! 

Would you like some support??  Don’t want to think about what to buy or what to make?  Would you like to learn more about how and we whole food eating alone can change your life? Set up a Discovery Call here, or start by joining our FREE facebok group here! 

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