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Healthy Lifestyle Coach~Yoga &Fitness Teacher~ Rockstar Mom ~Salt Water Girl


Healthy Beach Girl supports and empowers a community of women by consciously nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Mission Statement

To empower women to live a Well Balanced & Nourished Life!

Core Values


My Personal Journey through Health

profilepic3I thought I had it all figured out. Go to a great college and graduate with a respectful degree, have a career that pays well and raise a family.  Sounds easy right?  My college years were spent at a Federal Service Academy for my undergrad studies with a B/S in both Mechanical Engineering and Nautical Sciences. I  was a collegiate swimmer and a windsurfing instructor, and lived a rigorous lifestyle academically, physically, and mentally. I often found myself in high performing situations of empowerment throughout my early life and rarely thought about my health. I wasn’t nourishing my body to keep up with the mental vitality and life I wanted for myself.  Upon graduation, I worked for several large corporations successfully climbing the corporate ladder and working 60-70 hours a week. 

At age 28, a life changing event happened with the birth of my  first daughter. With a life threatening diagnosis of HELLP syndrome, I lived in survival mode for years. I had liver and kidney failure and my daughter was born at 33 weeks for best chance of survival.  A leap of faith led  me down a path to seek quality of life back through holistic health and wellness.  Years of studying holistic wellness, mindfulness, nutrition, and life experience created the lifestyle I wanted for my family. My greatest challenges became my greatest gifts which I now share by supporting amazing women through living a balanced life as their authentic self. 

I am so grateful to have learned the value of connection to authentic self through nourishment.  I have found that when my body is healthy, not only am I energized and happier throughout the day, but that it creates space for creativity to flow when you live your life in balance and alignment with your authentic self. It allows us to live our purpose with less effort and more joy! 

“Each one of us is our greatest gift here on earth.  We are unique and irreplaceable.  Imagine the gifts you will discover inside yourself when you feel the best version of your healthy self.  Total health comes mentally, physically, and spiritually.”  Healthy Beach Girl

A whole food diet has enriched the lives for each person in my family 

  • My daughter is off herjuice_18 daily prescription drugs and thriving
  • I no longer experience chronic fatigue, poor sleep, bad dreams, migraine headaches, severe PMS, joint inflammation and mood swings. 
  • My family no longer suffers from allergies and chronic illness

Now that I enjoy my quality of life, I value the beneficial impact of healthy food choices.  The possibilities are limitless when you unlock the key to a healthy and happy life nourishing your true authentic being. The best part is that I am living my dream, inspiring others to live a healthy life they love and I am my own boss which means I make time for the things I love! 

You never realize what is like to feel good until you do!   I spent the early part of my life accepting the way I felt.  Most people assume that is “just they way they are” and that it is genetic. Well I am here to tell you that you don’t have to accept it.  We all have genetics and food has the power to encourage healthy gene expression. Healthy food choices helped me to beat all odds against both myself and my daughter. Do it for yourself, your family, and those that love you. I am grateful for my journey because now I am empowered to do what I love! You are worth it and you can live the vibrant life you want.  You can live happy and healthy and flourish in all areas of your life! Join me on your journey to your awesome life! 

About Healthy Lifestyle Coaching


Optimal health is about more then just the food on your plate. I integrate mindfulness, meditation, yoga, fitness, holistic health and healthy eating into one program unique for you. As your Healthy Lifestyle Coach, we will work together to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes that work for YOU!  Nourishment is a basic form of self love and we are all different with unique dietary needs.  I integrate a holistic approach to health and wellness with inspiration and creativity to meet your needs. As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole. Read more about my Training here. 


  • I attended college at one of the 5 Service Military Academies, The United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York.
  • I have an Unlimited Third Mate and Third Assistant Engineer US Coast Guard License, 1600 Gross Ton Captains and Chief Engineers license. That means I can Captain some really huge yachts if you need one! 
  • I served in the USNR for 10 years at the rank of LCDR.
  • I bungy jumped the first ever  site in New Zealand thinking I would overcome my  fear of heights and I still do not like heights.
  • I was a windsurfing instructor in college and still am an old school windsurfer.
  • I learned to surf in my 30’s when I got my first surf board at 34 and I love it.
  • I love to travel and did a homeschool travel year with my kids in 2015. 
  • I am am military brat so I moved around my whole life and have been to every US state.
  • I sailed around the world on Merchant Ships as a cadet or 3rd Engineer for over 3 years and was almost always the only woman on board. 
  • I am learning to play the Cajon Drum Box and love it. 
  • I discovered that I loved dancing in my  30’s and am now a dance fitness instructor. 
  • I am a total Math Nerd. I love Math! I mean really love math! 
  • I love turtles, frogs, tigers, and dolphins.  
  • I might believe in unicorns and mermaids.  
  • I love dark chocolate. 

Today I enjoy surfing, windsurfing, dance, yoga, travel, eating healthy and most of all spending time with my family. 

Other Certifications Include:

American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP, 2012

Detoxification Specialist (International School of Detoxification, Port Charlotte, Fl), 2014

Aromatouch therapist, DoTerra International, 2013

Fitness instructor certifications: AFAA, Dance Trance, Hot Hula, 2013

RYT-200 with Radiant Life School Yoga, Chinendega, Nicaragua 2015

Bachelors of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering and Nautical Science, United States Merchant Marine Academy, New York, 2000

USCG Unlimited 3rd/Mate and 3rd Assistant Engineer, 2000

USCG Chief Engineer and Captain’s 1600 Gross Ton license, 2000

USNR LCDR Navy Reserve Retired

Amazing Wife, May 2003

Rockstar Mom, March 2006 and December 2008

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With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!