Abundance is a State of Mind

Abundance is a State of Mind

What comes to mind when you hear the word Abundance? Most people think of the financial means of abundance. Although financial means are a part of living an abundant life (because it is an exchange of energy for our needs and wants), true abundance is a state of mind.  We have all heard the saying “When you love everything you have, you have everything you need”.  The financial abundance that many people refer to has an interesting stigma in our culture. From the outside it can appear that with money, you can buy everything you need.  My kids learned during our travel homeschool year that you can have nothing and be one of the happiest human beings living. That was our experience during our month long stay in Nicaragua. Money is not the issue, it’s how we feel about it that creates a problem, especially when it shows up as the emotion of lack or greed.  There are  two states of mind we can live in, Lack or Abundance.  Living in lack usually leads to greed, because there is never enough. Lack is created in the mind. Living in abundance is realizing that you have everything you need, because you already are everything you need to be. Both are a choice.

I have committed to 20 minutes of daily meditation for 2018.  It’s taken me a few years to get here.  One of the themes that moves through me lately is the idea of abundance and receiving all that life wants to offer me.  What I notice is that life is very abundant. The universe is abundant. Just look around and notice everything that wants to thrive and live.  This means that abundance is our natural state of being.  What comes up for you when you hear this? Do you believe this, or do you feel resistance? This is an invitation for you to notice what your beliefs are about living in abundance.

So I want to share with you what abundance means to me.  After spending a year dealing with the aftermath of  Hurricane Matthew, and the many challenges and limited resources that came with my experience, I realized one thing. I was never attached to anything material, but that I was emotionally attached to the quality of my life.  When my life was disrupted for a year and we were living in a contraction, it was very challenging.  Read my blog on living in the flow of contraction and expansion. So abundance for me is about the quality of my life.  Here’s the best part, its a choice!  We get to choose how we perceive our experience.  Will we become a victim? Or will our challenges empower us?  I choose empowerment every time. I have a foundational belief that abundance is a natural state of being, and therefore all of our experiences are here to serve a higher good in our life.

When we live from a place where we believe that we already are everything we need to be, and have everything to live the life we want, we realize we are living in abundance. If the idea that we get to choose our experience doesn’t vibe with you then consider it on an  energetic level by The law of attraction.  The law of attraction is the idea that we attract what we believe.

In simple terms, your self worth and ability to receive effect your ability to live abundantly.  Understanding the Law of attraction allows us the realization that what we believe is that we attract to create our reality.  The more open you are to receiving, the more abundant your life will be.

My training through the Higher Self Academy* confirmed everything I already knew and believed.

There are 4 steps to embracing an abundant life and here they are.

  1. Know your self worth
  2. Be open to receive
  3. Create from inspired action by living in the present moment
  4. Release attachments to outcomes

“Abundance is the process of letting go.  That which is empty can receive” Bryant H McGill.

Last year, I uncovered the final block that was holding me back which was releasing the emotional attachment. Learning to acknowledge emotional attachments and to release them is very powerful and transformative. I have two opportunities this month to join me in a workshop called “Let go of Limiting Beliefs”. One is a complimentary online webinar and the other incorporates yoga and meditation Bella Vida Yoga.  To sign up for  an event and reserve you spot, hit the button below. Spaces are limited.

Take a moment and consider, what areas of life would like to have more abundance in? Health? Happiness? Healthy relationships? Finances? Experiences? I invite you to take a moment to capture those areas you would like a more abundant state of mind in and take a step into living abundantly by being open to receive.  We would love for you to share!

You are infinitely worthy of living a fully abundant life.  All you have to do is believe and be open to receiving.

Claim your self Worth and change the vibe you attract.  As a transformation coach, this is what I do.  Discover the blocks that might be holding you back and get clear on who you are, and the live you want to live.  Start with a complimentary discovery call or if you are ready to create a roadmap, go for the 60 minute power hour Transformation Strategy Session.



*Resources: Higher Self Academy with Heather Alice Shea

  1. This blog post is so amazing on so many different levels! Very well done !!!!

    • Live in the abundant flow of life 🙂

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