The Balance between Giving and Receiving

The Balance between Giving and Receiving

How do you balance your giving and receiving?  How do you create mutually supportive relationships with an equal exchange of energy in your life? The answer to this question may show up differently for you depending on the moment. I invite you to meet me where I am with this topic in this moment. How do you balance your giving and receiving?   The answer to this question lies within you. Why? Because we all have different ways of giving and receiving love.  If you haven’t read the book “The five love languages”, by Gary Chapman, I highly recommend it.  There are variations of the book for relationships and parenting that I have found to be very helpful in my relationships.

So what happens when what we give is not received?  Often times we can feel depleted and unappreciated. Or when we do not receive what is offered to us and we close doors to opportunities.   What is really going on? What does that look like in our lives?

When things are not effortlessly flowing for you in your life and resistance or conflict shows up, its an invitation to pause, reflect inward, and grow! 

Do you struggle to balance giving and receiving? Do you struggle with healthy boundaries in your life?  I know I do! If you do, then what does that look like for you? What internal checklist do you consciously or subconsciously create to keep a system of checks and balances in your relationships, or do you? Are you always mostly a YES person or a NO person? Do you find yourself always the giver or receiver? Do you feel balance in life?

I always start with the idea that we give and receive with no expectation or attachment to an outcome.  Once we can do that, we can become more fully present to what is really happening in the exchange of energy.

Many healers, coachers, teachers, and quite honestly most women in general have a natural way of giving.  It’s innate to the feminine energy within all of us. We give to our friends, families, spouses, kids, business, employees, co-workers and anything that fills our heart in the moment.  We can easily give from a place of love but sometimes our fear keeps us from giving and receiving often causing an imbalance.



A few years ago, I learned that my belief that eating healthy would give you the quality of life you wanted was incomplete. I learned that total wellness comes from honoring the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies, and so I intertwine these learnings in all of my offerings for clients.   When we find ourselves out of balance in our relationships, we  have a choice.  We always have a choice. I am choosing balance.  The balance of giving and receiving.  So how does that show up for us?

In my business, as a coach, and an educator, I have found the significance of meeting people where they are. Its a holistic approach.  To honor each individual where they are and provide guidance, inspiration, and support based on their current needs and wants.  When approached with the question from my healthy self, “how do I support and love others and keep a healthy boundary?”, what I learned is that meeting people where they are as a giver, is not always an equal exchange of energy in relationships.  So although it serves me and my clients in our work together, knowing when to use this gift was just as important as being aware of it. The answer came to me through meditation to maintain a healthy boundary in relationships is also to allow those in my space to meet me where I AM.  To create space and allow freedom of choice.  I have an open invitation with a healthy boundary.  This shows up as being authentic to myself and living my truth.

I invite you to ask yourself, how will you show up in your relationships? How will you live your truth?

I also remember to honor where I am just as much as I honor where another person is on their journey (releasing expectations).  Most importantly, in case you missed it, Honor where YOU are and allow people to meet you there from a place of love.  This helps to create mutually supportive relationships with an equal exchange of energy without compromising your core values and your authenticity.

To Keep it simple explore both sides!

The Power of NO. I have a beautiful friend and business coach who leads the Leading Ladies 904 platform for supporting and empowering women.  She told me ” If you cant say no, your yes means nothing to me.” And she was right.  That stuck with me.  It made me realize that the quantity vs. quality that I teach in the food we eat applies to everything in life. Relationships, self work, exercise, foods, material things and more.  Although often times I found myself able to say yes and complete do what was asked of me, it does not mean that I have to.  Its an opportunity for an internal check in.  And if find yourself saying NO all the time.  I invite you to sit with that feeling. What emotions come up for you? Is it an imbalance in self worth, confidence, overwhelm, fear, what is it?  I invite you to pause, reflect inward and journal about it. There is a book on this too, “The power of No” by James Altucher.  As I am coming back to writing my own book, I am reminded the importance of prioritizing my values and keeping life essential simple.

 Essentialism is exactly that, its all we need.  

When we love everything we have, we have everything we need.

The Power of YES. There is so much power in yes. Be available and vulnerable to open your heart and opportunities within healthy boundaries.   Say YES to the idea that Everything IS possible!   My challenge is in more of finding the POWER OF NO, but also realizing that if I am saying no to opportunities, which I have done, that I often feel overwhelmed.  Any conflict or resistance in our life is  an invitation to reflect inward and notice what comes up for us.  In other words “What can I learn from this?”  What energy am I projecting to receive the energy I am surrounded by?”


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