Terms of Agreement

Affiliate Terms of Agreement


  1. Due to the complexity of affiliate orders and taxes, we will not be accepting mentions for commission.
  2. Affiliate commissions are made via your personal link into your Paypal account.  This link can be used on all of your social media platforms. i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, tumbler, twitter, Mailchimp, constant contact, you tube, periscope, or any other forms of social media. If you have a website, the link can be pasted into your wordpress.
  3. Payments are made via your personal affiliate LINK only.  Payments are made to  your Paypal account. You agree to set up a Paypal account to receive payments. www.paypal.com 
  4. You will receive a login and password to view your affiliate account and track your earnings.
  5. If you believe there is a discrepancy at anytime, please submit in writing to for review and allow 14 business days for review.
  6. You will not receive commissions for your own orders purchased through your affiliate link.
  7. You agree to share these Healthy Beach Girl © copyrighted programs with your clients, friends, family, studio, students, or anyone you would like.  You will read and agree to the disclaimer for all programs so that these programs are sold through the affiliate link. Including the Dance Trance Easy Weight Loss Program ©.
  8. If you earn more then $600/yr then you need to submit an IRS Form so I can send you a 1099-MISC to report your income.
  9. Affiliate accounts will be reviewed annually.  Since affiliate spots are limited at this time .  A zero net sales through the use of your affiliate account may result in your account not being renewed for the following year.
  10. To keep your affiliate account active, a $100/year earnings minimum is required.  You may opt to pay a $100 fee to renew. Accounts are reviewed at the end of each year. If your account is inactive, we reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account.
  11. Healthy Beach Girl reserves the right to review and upgrade the Terms of Agreement as needed.  Affiliate account owners will be notified immediately of changes.
  12. You have the right to withdraw from your affiliate account at anytime. Please submit in writing  via email to
  13. Healthy Beach Girl values: Inspiration, Fun, Authenticity, Community, Nourishment.  We would like our affiliate partners to represent Healthy Beach Girl Programs in a positive manor.  To find out more about our mission statement and core values, please visit http://healthybeachgirl.com 
  14. You are more then welcome to share Healthy Beach Girl Posts to market your the sales of these programs.  You are also welcome to create your own marketing images, fliers, social media,etc.  Please keep marketing of these programs with a positive vibe and message and share the love!
  15. Affiliate Earnings start at  25% of current current program pricing, promotions, etc, not the Regular Price of the program.
  16. All Affiliates must participate and purchase a program to try before becoming an affiliate. Discounts are provided on all programs for those interested in affiliate spots! You are eligible for a 30% discount on all programs to try before you decide which program to share with your community.
    1. For all other programs, including Healthy Lifestyle Group Coaching,  use hbgaffiliatelove
  17. Affiliate earnings can ONLY be made on the following:

Programs available:

  • 11 Day Seasonal Healthy Beach Girl EAT CLEAN Programs: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • 28 Day Transformation Program
  • 14 Day Smoothie Challenge
  • 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge
  • 7 Days of doing RAW right
  • Dance Trance Easy Weight Loss Challenge
  • Contact me for possible Healthy Lifestyle Group Coaching openings. Spots are limited



When are commissions paid?

Payments are made to your paypal account on the first of each month.  A minimum of $50 in your account is required for payment each month.  If your account is less then $50, it will be rolled over into the next month. 

How are affiliate commissions paid?

Affiliate commissions are paid through PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, please sign up at www.paypal.com. Please familiarize yourself with PayPal Terms and Conditions for payment. 

How am I supposed to promote the programs?

As an affiliate, you can share the love you have with the program for your friends, family, clients, fitness studio or business to make money.

Do I have to be a sales person?

You do not have to be a salesperson. Just share your enthusiasm for the program and encourage others to join the party!

Do I need a website?

You do not need a website, however, we highly recommend it.  Affiliate accounts are limited and filled where there is an appropriate fit for both. Websites are highly recommended for sharing this program.  You can also share you link via any social media platform: Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, email, etc.

Are there requirements to keep accounts active?

Yes you can view these under the Terms of Agreements


Do sign ups have to be made through my link?

YES in order to earn your 25%, sign ups can only be tracked via your affiliate link. To make sure you receive proper credit and receive your commission, please have your referrals use your personal LINK.

Please contact us HERE with any questions!

 Additional Info

Affiliate accounts are reviewed yearly.

Misuse or misrepresentation of Healthy Beach Girl Programs, mission statement or core values are cause for suspension of account at anytime.

We always keep things positive, but businesses have to have disclaimers. In the unlikely event that an account it suspended or if you choose to withdraw, you will receive all of your commissions up to date.  We do not forsee this every happening so affiliates spots are filled as a good match for both!  We appreciate your support!

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