Creative Smoothie Love

Starting your morning off with some creative smoothie love, is a healthy and easy way to start the day.  In our house, mornings are a bit crazy and you don’t have time to even think of a recipe.  Keep it simple! Have your favorite go to recipes

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You know it is within your power to be healthy, so why do you make excuses?

You don’t have time to be healthy?? Often times people will share their excuses with me on why they do not have the time to make healthy choices or commit to a program.  This is just a matter of prioritizing what is really important to you.  When

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Why We Fear Change

Please Don’t Change Me! I am happy the way I AM! I have had the pleasure of inspiring many women on a path to a healthier lifestyle over the last few weeks through various workshops.  It gives me the energy to do what I do. I also

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Why Balanced Health is True Health

How do you feel about where you are right now? Are you comfortable and happy with where you are? And I hope that you are! I know that we all have moments in our life where we feel like we are ready for the next step in

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Share your light with others

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Gently Detox and Nourish from Within: A Yoga and Nutrition Workshop

Are you thinking about New Year’s Resolutions Yet? Join me for a gentle, nourishing, detox combo class at Bella Vida Yoga on January 16th, 2016! Together we will enjoy a 1 hour yoga class exploring various detoxing and cleansing yoga poses and then we will make some

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New in 2016! Nourish the Whole YOU!

Nourish the Whole YOU in 2016! Nourish Strength Nourish Bliss Nourish Detox Nourish Your Plate The Nourished Whole YOU Healthy Food ~ Fitness ~ Yoga ~ Mindfulness ~ Nourishment~ Self Love Your health comes with more then just healthy food choices.  It comes with a balanced approach

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Are you ready to feel amazing this Holiday Season?

Tis the season! What is your favorite part about the Holidays?  Do you love the holidays like I do? I love spending time with family and I love eating delicious Holiday Foods.  Flavors of Pumpkin, squash, cardamom, cinnamon, cranberries and raw chocolate truffles are a few of

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Power of the Mind

Some of you may remember that back in February I was experiencing what I like to call a healing crises. I don’t hide anything because I want people to learn from me and with me. We are all in this together. This health crises was not fun

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Are your beliefs aligned with the truth?

Remember that if you are struggling in a relationship with a person, its not about them or you, its just the situation and how it is perceived. I recently saw this with my daughter and a situation at school with a misunderstanding. Its important to take a

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Educate yourself on vaccines

Educate yourself on vaccines- do not judge others There has been a lot of debate and heart ache on social media about vaccines. Its important to educate yourself. I have felt passionately about BOTH sides so I understand your fears. I had a 3 lb newborn preemie

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Healthy Lunch Options at the Jax Beaches

 I often get asked the question where do I go out to eat.  The truth is I don’t very often, only because I like the food I make and more importantly how i feel after I eat it.  Even my kids agree!  I don’t like foods with

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Transform your life and health in 2015

Transform your Health in 2015! (published in VOID magazine’s January Health and Fitness issue) The beginning of each new year presents the opportunity for us to evolve by creating that inevitable New Year’s Resolution. But we don’t need a resolution to transform in a positive way because

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Cyber Monday Specials

  Share the gift of Health this Holiday Season for you and a friend!   All Programs and Gift Certificates are BOGO free for 24 hours only.  Expires Midnight December 1st. * *excludes group workshops, wellness parties, and customized programs.

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Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues Chances are that you or someone you know has a sugar addiction.  From Halloween through the Holiday season, it seems like there are more treats at every event, dinner party or work function then the rest of the year.   It is said that sugar

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Quick and Easy Healthy Tips for the busy on the go person!

SIMPLE HEALTHY CHOICES ON THE GO! Some people get intimidated by the prospect of having to prepare healthy food to eat. Even if you don’t have the time to make elaborate meals, you can still eat clean and feel amazing. Here are my top tips for a

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Throughout my journey in this lifetime, I have had many identities including Professional Mechanical Engineer, Merchant Marine Officer, Naval Officer, Collegiate Athlete, Swim Coach, Windsurfing Instructor, Fitness instructor, Daughter, Sister, and most importantly Mom and Wife. All of those things are just things I DO, but they are not who I AM.  Many of us have asked the question “Who am I and what am I here on Earth to do?” Read More