We co-create our experiences to heal through receiving

We co-create our experiences to heal through receiving



This picture represents how we can see co-creation in our existence in nature. I teach most of my local community workshops in the first quarter of the year.  The beginning of each new year brings a spark for the desire to cultivate change in our lives for many.  I encourage the possibility that it is always the right time to welcome change in our lives.  I am reminded of a common theme as I am closing out my 28 Day Healthy Whole You Transformation and Workshop Series.  Together we co-create our healing experiences.  We do this every day.  We co-create our relationships, our experiences, our learnings, our joy, even our pain, or whatever else shows up for us. When we attend a yoga or fitness class, it is a co-creation of the experience. A teacher leads us through an experience and we choose to attend. The level at which we receive the experience is our choice.  Each student will have a different experience with the same teacher in the same class. This is our co-creation of the experience itself. 


So many people I have worked with lately have said the words to me “This came along at just the right time, or you showed up at just the right time.”

I am always filled with such deep gratitude for the ability to share what I love with others. I honor and acknowledge those who show up to co-create our experience and to receive the opportunity presented to them.  I am always here to teach, but the choice, courage, and self awareness to know if its what you need by listening to our inner intuition and guidance is a choice.  I am the one who feels truly grateful to be of service when it feels right to each of you. 

If you find it hard to receive, as I shared in my blog, why is is so hard to receive the support I need, then I would invite you to a special offering workshop intensive called “Build the Foundation for Transformation” to help you discover those beliefs and cultivate change, or schedule a Transformation Strategy Session here.  The workshop includes a a transformation strategy session first 20 signups) , plus a  2 hour workshop, ebook, and 4 day Jumpstart Program.   


We all need a support system.  I have my own support systems in home, professionally, and socially.  I co-create my experiences with them which allows me to flourish and grow as my own person. If you are looking for a support circle of like minded health and wellness people who value connection to a healthy self by healing mind, body, and heart space, consider our Healthy Lifestyle Group Coaching Circle. I also have the VIP option with 12 x 30 minute coaching calls each month for reflection and accountability. We are adding in monthly live group coaching calls and some guest speakers in June 2018.  Our price will increase in June 2018 to reflect the added value.  So if you have been thinking of joining for awhile, schedule a discovery call here and we can see if it is right for you! 

I invite you to join my free monthly online community workshops.  Click here for details and download your free ebook just for signing up for each monthly workshop.  

I also offer Workshop Intensives for full integration of learnings into our lifestyle 3 times a year.  Click here for our upcoming, “Build the Foundation for a Transformation Workshop”. 


I am truly humbled to share healing space and witness others on a journey to cultivating change in their life.  I receive in the experience of giving. I have received about 10 of these messages in the last week so here is one to share with you to inspire you about the idea of co-creating our experiences.

I feel so blessed to have found Jen Mons at this time in my life. The time was long past due for healthy changes for my husband & myself, and her program has helped me figure out how to make those changes. Her healthy recipes are amazing, but the best part is having time with her to talk through questions and ideas about implementing the changes needed to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. So thanks Jen for being an amazing person & health coach! Gratefully, Nell Willis


Why settle for good when we can be extraordinary.  

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