Corporate Wellness

Nourish Yourself and Transform

Your Work Environment and Your Life!

Do you have ideas you want to bring to fruition?

Are you seeking your innovative and creative potential?

Do you want more energy throughout the workday?

Do you need support and motivation to reach your goals?

The foundation of corporate wellness with Healthy Beach Girl is the idea that when we nourish ourselves, we open up new doors in every aspect of our life. We create space for innovation and creativity and healthy relationships in and out of the workplace. Having had corporate experience, I understand the demands of the day to day workplace and I know that when you value your health, your have increased energy and performance.

If your company values a corporate wellness program, you have probably created some goals for your health and wellness. When someone in your life supports and encourages you, you may find yourself living with more purpose and happiness both at home and the workplace.

Our corporate health coach program is designed for both small local businesses and large corporations. Consider including a corporate health coach program in your workplace for beneficial results. Your employees may need  more information, encouragement, and motivation to start taking their wellness seriously. When they fell good about themselves, they perform well in the workplace. The key to a successful health and wellness program is empowerment.  We provide the tools, steps, guidance, and mentorship for effective health and wellness solutions.

A health coaching approach that focuses on a balanced health approach is a great place to begin. Everyone loves to be supported as they try to do something new. If your employees are trying to lose weight, eat better, quit smoking, exercise more, or improve their overall health, they may need a health coach to encourage them.


For more information about about a corporate health and wellness solution for you


We offer speaking engagements as well as our Green, Grains, Gratitude (c) corporate wellness program.

Workshops Topics Available

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Put Core Values into Action
  • Let go of Limiting Beliefs and Rise to the Challenge!
  • Total Body Health and Wellness
  • Eat and Live Well


We greatly appreciate your words of wisdom and focus on wellness in business.  Your previous experience in the corporate world gives you perspective, and credibility when working with our teams.  Each person who has attended your workshops leaves more centered and aware. 

We hope to bring you back again soon.

– Christopher Valdivia, Lead Training Specialist, GE Oil and Gas Jacksonville 

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