Create Space and Cultivate Change

Create Space and Cultivate Change

Tomorrow is a big day!  Yes ok, its the super bowl and JT is performing at halftime but more importantly we  start our online group coaching program, the 2018 28 Day Healthy Whole You Transformation Program and our 6 week Healthy Whole You workshop series at Bella Vida Yoga.  Online Registration is closed for this year, you will have to wait until 2019. Unless you are super motivated and send me a PM telling me why you are ready this year.  The only way left to join is to sign up for our all 6 Week Workshop Series and attend tomorrow nights Workshop “Create Space and Cultivate Change”. We are gonna give you some insight on what we are all about.

We have a few local 6 week workshop series happening and our global Transformation online.  As we begin the to prepare ourselves for a transformation, we talk about the importance of creating space to cultivate change.

Here’s Why

  1. We cannot change what we do not know
  2. We de-clutter the mind of limiting beliefs on why we cannot or dont need a transformation program, or other beliefs that keep us from creating change.
  3. We create Space for a new begining and new possibilities when we open our hearts and minds.
  4. We create space with a fridge clean out and welcome new nourishing foods.

So here it is all change begins with AWARENESS

(we cannot change what we do not know or acknowledge)

 Just bringing non-judgmental awareness to your current beliefs is profoundly transformative. You can’t change it if you don’t full recognize it. Write down some beliefs you have that you’d like to change about your health in your life. Maybe its the reason you haven’t joined our program, or any group or self guided program to help you get your healthy lifestyle on track this year.   If you really want to know more and are ready for change, schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery call with me and lets get to the bottom of what might be holding you back. 

What are  1-3 current “limiting beliefs” you’d like to shift?

If you need a little help discovering what your limiting beliefs are, use the phrases below to get you started:

I recognize I feel/think/believe _________________ about/because/if ___________________.

I struggle with ___________________________ because I’m afraid of _________________ and it makes me scared to do and try what I really want to do which is _____________________.

The next step is acceptance. Accept these beliefs and the perceptions that created them. Taking full responsibility will allow you to move forward and embrace new perspectives.  Remember, you did the best you could with what you had at that time. But now you are ready to move on and find a new lesson to learn.

Use the following affirmation, or feel free to write one. (adapted from higher self training)

“My belief of/that/in __________________________ has served my highest good. I honor it, the experiences it brought, and how it has helped me. I now consciously choose to discover new perspectives that will help me continue on my path of living as my Higher Self each day.”

Once we are aware of limiting beliefs, and we choose to accept them we can find empowerment when we shift our Perception.  How does this statement make you feel?


When we shift our perception, we change our beliefs


Ask yourself

  1. What important lessons have I learned about myself through holding this belief and having this experience?
  2. What important lessons have I learned about others through it?
  3. How have these lessons helped me?
  4. What’s a liberating and empowering way you could view the experience that brought about the limited perception
  5. What would be a positive interpretation of what happened

Perception is KEY. A new perception of your reality creates NEW beliefs! 

What perception would you like to create? This is the works we do in our 28 Day Healthy Whole you program in week 1.  This is just the beginning of how we create our 

WHAT, WHY…  and I provide the HOW to create sustainable healthy lifestyle changes in our lives.  Once we begin clearing space for a new beginning, we can create CHANGE!



Next Blog to follow “How to Cultivate Change!”



Join all 6 and you get complimentary access to our 28 Day Healthy Whole You Transformation Program! 

That’s a killer deal! Save $247 for a lifetime access group coaching program!

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  1. Great stuff!!! Your writing style is very engaging !!

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