How to cruise through the end of summer and get the back to school routine down

How to cruise through the end of summer

and step into a healthier and happier routine for the family! 



If you are anything like me or most moms out there, whether you work full time or not, you may feel a little out of balance and overwhelmed with sending the kids back to school.  It is a bittersweet time as we will miss the summer days and lack of a routine but also look forward to s routine and schedule to help us feel a little more balanced.

My family returned from a month long trip to Hawaii/Samoa just a few days before the kids started new schools this year.  Jet lagged, overwhelmed, anxious, excited and unsure all in the same moment.  But here is what many of us LOVE about back to school… the routine.  Its a chance to start a new routine and maybe create something that will work better this year then the years past.

I invite you to take a moment and write down a few of those things that you value that you can implement into the new routine for the school year. Stick to 3-5 things that are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Timely) Here is my short list and of course the end goal for me is to add things that lead to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE! My advice is to make sure you take time for the most important person in your life, YOU!

  1. ME time: Morning meditation 5 minutes. 
  2. ME time :At least one day a week as a yoga or dance student or play of surf, windsurf, bike ride, etc. 
  3. ME time: To write for 2-4 hours a week on blog or towards the book I am writing.
  4. Healthy Snack Planning.  My current favorite recipes all take 5-10 minutes and are on my instagram and facebook pages. They included granola bars, superfood balls, popsicles, always fresh fruit and veggies. 
  5. Dinner Meal Planning. (the hardest meal of the day for me) I bought a wipe board for the side of my refrigerator and the kids pick dinner one night a week. They are involved in the process.  

If you would like suggestions on HEALTHY LUNCHES, you can read the blog about HOW TO AVOID LUNCH BOX DRAMA! (hint, I love leftovers)

If you are looking for a little more 1:1 Support, my HEALTHY FAMILY QUICKSTART might be the perfect match.  We can maximize your time with 4 x 1.5 hour sessions and it includes:

  • Health planning strategy session with suggested meals loaded to your app with shopping lists weekly
  • A Pantry Makeover (from a place of love without judgement :))
  • Shopping Tour at your favorite Store including a list of suggested substitutions for your family needs
  • In home cooking session (we make 4-5 meals, snacks, etc)
  • ** As a bonus your program also includes a seasonal 11 Day Plan and Clean Eating Program (Value $167)

Right now with my back to school special you can save $100, and is yours for only $595. (Value $900)

You can always schedule a FREE 15 minute CLARITY CALL where I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!


On a side parenting note because stress management in a healthy lifestyle is so important, I have decided to encourage my kids to manage their own time. It is a source of stress for me.  The part about getting out of the house on time to be somewhere can drive me crazy. (They are ages 8 and 11, for the 11 year old, if she is late, she is late…..she will learn).  Middle school kid activities can fill the schedule up fast and I try to limit my kids to 2 activities like 1-2 sports, and/or art and music.  So to help them learn the value of commitment and to appreciate the opportunity given to them, we are making this change.

I hope this inspires you to at least make your own list of positive intentions for the new school year!  And we would LOVE it if you shared yours!!

With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!




P.S. Here is me in Samoa with my husband with one of the many beautiful waterfalls!  We went there to celebrate turing 40!


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