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Join us November 1st for our Holiday Cleanse program  HERE and 50% of the proceeds go to  rebuilding San Marco!



No Dieting, Starving, or Counting Calories!

Just Eating Quick, Clean, Healthy, and Delicious foods 

Your Spring Program Includes:

included1A complete  step-by-step guide with a clear explanation of why & how to cleanse in a natural, safe & effective way. Valued at $95
3-4 Days Prep • 7 Days of Cleanse/Clean Eating • 4 Days Transition  

included2A 11-Day planner and Suggested Meal Guide inclusive of mouth-watering, nutrient dense recipes, snacks and a   plethora of juice and smoothie recipes! Recipes designed to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and keep you satisfied.   

All with a completed shopping list so you are in and out of the grocery store! Valued at $95

included3A done-for-you day by day routine at a glance that sets you up for success by removing overwhelm. Valued at $25


included4Receive inspirational and educational daily email from me every day during your cleanse. Daily email and facebook support included and all your questions answered for your success. Valued at $75


included5A Group Kick off conference call before the cleanse begins as your chance to ask questions and ensure success of your journey. Valued at $25

Most importantly, you get a BONUS 15 Minute private break through session with me via skype or phone.  We will discuss your post cleanse strategy so that you can incorporate what you have learned into your healthy lifestyle. Valued at $25


Additional Bonus Gifts for You!

  • The New Beginnings 14 Day Smoothie Challenge where you begin to incorporate a daily cleansing smoothies into your daily routine!  Included with every Dance Trance Nutrition Program to jumpstart you to a healthier you!  Here is what is included for the spring detox! 
    •  A bonus 3 Days of Healthy Eating Meals to prepare you for the 11 Day Seasonal Eat Clean Program! 
    • Shopping lists for 14 days of smoothies and 3 Days of Meals
    • Basic smoothie guide and Tips
    • Unlimited Access and support from our Facebook Community
    • Click here for all the info on the New Beginnings Smoothie Challenge!
  • A Success Kit for the SPRING DETOX: This kit has every tool you need to make your cleanse success last a lifetime.
  • Tons of bonus handouts: Juicing 101, Portion Control, Is Gluten Free for Me, 40 Snacks on the go, Eating out 101, Carbs 101, Detox Feel Goods, & more.
  • Membership Access to our Dance Trance Health and Nutrition Facebook Forum for Inspiration, pictures, bonus recipes, guidance and support led by me


Special Dance Trance Offer $67

For savings, Apply code dancetrancedetox 

Regular Price is $137

If you missed the Webinar Q & A call, access it HERE!

Join us for a PREVIEW call to ask questions and SEE  before you buy

 May 11th at 9 PM EST

KICK OFF CALL May 15th at 9 PM EST!

go to screen share code 778-132-409

or call in from your phone

Conference dial-in number: (641) 715-3670

Participant access code: 101667 (YOU)

Cant make it?  There is a recording: (641) 715-3669


Dance Trance BONUS #1

Extra Savings of $30-$70  just for being in the Dance Trance Family

apply code dancetrancedetox

Dance Trance Bonus #2

A Healthy Foods works shop at the Beaches Studio (valued at $400) where we will learn the benefits of Superfoods, Eating Clean, Juicing, Smoothies, Raw foods and more! (Min 15 participants)

Dance Trance Bonus #3

Join our Dance Trance Health and Nutrition Family where you will get health tips, bonus recipes, special offers and answers to your health and wellness questions from a professional all year long!

With this program, you will:


* Revitalize  and Energize your body

*Enhance Immune function, yes keep you healthy minimizing allergies, inflammation, and illness!

* Lose weight naturally

*Reduce the craving for coffee/sugar and that afternoon crash

* Reduce inflammation that leads to bloating, headaches, allergies, and poor digestion

* Learn tools to de-stress in the real world

* Feel grounded, alert, powerful, ready to take on the world of eating clean every day of your life

 * Feel empowered with your health

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