Keep it Simple! Keep it Clean!

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kitchenJoin me and others on a journey through a life changing Healthy Beach Girl Healthy Whole Food Program. No dieting, starving, calorie counting,  supplements, or fasting. I am here to help you make lifestyle changes exploring clean anti-inflammatory eating.  This is clean eating nourishment for a balanced body. Discover your authentic best self and share your energy with those around you!

Do YOU want?

  • More energy?
  • To feel lighter?
  • A more restful night and better quality sleep?
  • Improved digestion?
  • Mental clarity?
  • Less mood swings?
  • Reduce cravings?
  • A brighter, younger, fresher looking glow to your skin?
  • To Enjoy your awesomeness? 🙂
  • To lose that extra toxic waste in lbs! (avg is 3-10 lbs)
  • New Recipes !!!
  • A youthful glow in your skin!
  • To feel and look your best!

I know I do and trust me once you know what it is like to feel your best, you will want to stay that way.

I keep it REAL

I have done quite a few “cleanse” programs in my lifetime with expensive supplements, no support, and no food which will not set you up for success.  I am offering you a program that you can integrate into your daily life with an easy, successful, happier, more realistic version of clean eating. Learn new tricks in the kitchen and how to make eating healthy affordable, simple, and enjoyable. As a Detoxification Specialist from the International School of Deification, I know what works to make lifestyle changes. That is why I have created this program for YOU.


Its paleo, vegan, primal, and/or vegetarian..YOU CHOOSE!
Even better, you choose the level you are comfortable cleansing at!
Are you feeling a level 1, 2, or 3 for this cleanse?

In my clean eating program, there are:

  • NO supplements (how could one supplement work for everyone)
  • NO calorie counting (not necessary if you eat clean!)
  • NO starving (this is just silly)

And the best part is that you get ME as your personal coach through your journey. I have helped many get through their detox symptoms and supported them through success. Cleansing can be more pleasurable and successful when you have the support you need. I know the secrets of detoxing and cleansing.  Commit to your health. It will be the most affordable life changing decision you will ever make. 

I keep it FRESH!

That’s right! Every season, a new seasonal guide, new areas of the body to focus the cleanse on based on Chinese medicine and ayurveda, and NEW recipes. You will want to do one each season just for the new recipes.  After you first experience, join a new season for only $39 for support and new recipes! 

Pick your pleasure! 

 Healthy Whole Food  Programs:

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The Nourished WHOLE YOU

7 Day Jumpstart to Health!

Seasonal 11 Days to  Revitalize

28 Day Transformation

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My Clean Eating Programs are offered throughout the year.  Each season, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, the Recipes and Meals are seasonal to optimize health benefits of eating locally and in season. The 28 Day Transformation is offered every January  but you can choose the self guided option, with support, throughout the year. 

Still not sure, read the testimonials. Now is the time to let go of excess toxic waste that is slowing you down, adding a few extra pounds or giving you brain fog. Imagine the possibilities!





  • Lighter! Reduce inflammation in your body and you will feel lighter and lose those extra pounds of toxic waste.
  • More Energy! You will be able to do more of the things you love in life!
  • Better Sleep! You will wake up feeling alive and ready for the day.
  • Improved Digestion! You will notice less discomfort from foods.
  • Confidence! You are taking control of your health and ready to live your life to the fullest.
  • Awareness! You will have more knowledge on the benefits of eating healthy.
  • Mental Clarity! You will be amazed how life is easier and more fun with less brain fog.
  • Less Cravings! When you eat a well-balanced diet from whole foods, your body will not have the cravings and mood swings that most people experience.
  • Glow in your skin! Your skin will have that youthful, nourished glow from feeling better and eating clean.

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Testimonials & Client Success!


Useful Appliances for the cleanse.  Not all are necessary.   I will provide recipes for all types of appliances.

Good working Blender -I have a vitamix that I use daily for 10 years but ANY blender will do!

Juicer -for making the revitalizing juices.  Some juices can be made in a high powered blender such as a Blend-tec or a Vita-Mix.  Don’t have one? No problem! I provide a JUICING 101 doc on how to buy a juicer OR how to use your blender to juice.

Food Processor- I love my Cuisanart but again not necessary, a good blender may work too.

Coffee Grinder -nice for finely grinding small amounts of nuts and seeds

Dehydrator– No necessary at all, but man do I love mine.  I have an Excalibur.  This is my snack machine.  Since I purchased this, I have replaced processed food snacks in my house.


Don’t wait, start now. Life doesn’t wait for you. Life goes by fast. 

The awesome and energetic you is waiting to unlock your potential and


There is no reason not to feel your best!

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