Join our 2018 Spring Cleanse and Health Telesummit

May 3, 2018


Join us all week for LIVE Q&A calls with these women and learn more ways to access the healthy life you want! 

Monday, May 7, Rachel Buchanan, AP, Detox Educator and Healthy Skin Consultant.  She will teach you about how Your Skin is Your Largest Organ – What You Need to Know

Tuesday, May 8: Selena Wooley, AP,Trained In TCM, Chinese Herbology, LMT, and reiki. She is a firm believer in treating each person as a whole, and encouraging everyone to fully believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Wednesday, May 9: Dr. Mihaela A. Telecan, Author, Low Carb/Keto Coach, Founder of Healing With Foods who will teach us about metabolic health.

Thursday, May 10, Analisa Jahna, N.D. will share with you “Bridging the gap between allopathic and holistic practices”, as she trained in clinical nutrition, functional medicine, botanical medicine and evidence based natural therapies to help her clients achieve their health goals

Friday, May 11, Carolyn Messere, MD, a former colon and rectal surgeon who now practices Functional Medicine to help clients find the root cause of issues like irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal imbalances, low energy, and irritability without medication or surgery.

Saturday, May 11, Kim Brown, RYT 500, Yoga Therapist will teach us how yoga can support natural detoxification in the body.

Sunday, May 12, Claire Holland, MD, Claire is certified as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist by the MLD Institute. She will share the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage, how and why we need it and how it can support a healthy detox.

Read More about the Featured Guest Speakers HERE!




Spring is the perfect time for a New Beginning!

Are you ready for positive change?

Do you feel ?




Not your ideal healthy weight

Low immune vitality 

Low Energy

Suffer from seasonal allergies


I have been there, its uncomfortable, and its gets old . . . 

Do you want?

  • More Energy
  • Youthful Skin
  • Improved Immune Function
  • Better Sleep
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Less Mood swings
  • Easy Weight Loss
  • Less Inflammation
  • Less brain fog
  • Less Pain and dis-ease in the body
  • Less confusion about what foods are right for you

If you want to feel good inside your body inside and out, but don’t know how to get there, you want a guided program that teaches the what, why and how doing a cleanse that will leave you feeling like a whole new person in just 7 short days. For a total of 14 days,  with 4 days of prep, 4 days transition to set you up for ultimate and sustainable success. These are just a few of the benefits you will receive when you join our Spring Program. Read the Happy Clients testimonials here. 


Cleanse your body of toxins and inflammation. Imagine  feeling more alive, energized, and renewed. This whole foods based program allows you to recharge, nourish & reset your body in just 7 days. It is about letting go of what is not working for you anymore, both physically and emotionally. Eating for your bio-individuality or unique blueprint. We do this through a healthy mindset, establishing healthy and positive beliefs, while honoring and discovering fears and blocks, and knowing our self worth with self love. 

Your Spring Program Includes:

included1A complete  step-by-step guide with a clear explanation of why & how to cleanse in a natural, safe & effective way. Valued at $95
3-4 Days Prep • 7 Days of Cleanse/Clean Eating • 4 Days Transition  


included2A 11-Day planner and Suggested Meal Guide inclusive of mouth-watering, nutrient dense recipes, snacks and a   plethora of juice and smoothie recipes! Recipes designed to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and keep you satisfied.   

All with a completed shopping list so you are in and out of the grocery store! Valued at $95


included3A done-for-you day by day routine at a glance that sets you up for success by removing overwhelm. Valued at $25


included4 Daily facebook support included and all your questions answered for your success. Valued at $75


included5Access to recorded informative Webinars and  Calls  to answer your questions and ensure success of your journey. Valued at $25



BONUS  #1 

  • Access to the Natural Health Summit. Featuring 7 Guest Speakers of Holistic Wellness and clean living for Daily Live Q & A Calls in zoom. This is your chance to learn  a holistic approach to healing and cleanse the body. 
    • Read about the guest speakers HERE!
    • These holistic practitioners and teachers charge $100-$400 and hour and you when you join the Spring Cleanse, you have live access for Q&A. 
    • Plus you will receive access to the recordings if you cannot make the live calls. 
    • Join the Free webinar “5 Secrets to Optimal Health, more energy and feeling amazing in your body for access to free gifts and special offers from these guest speakers! 
    • In addition to the Guest Speakers, I will be sharing other talented amazing women healers and wellness professionals in my Guest Blog!  Click here to see Featured Guests on my blog. 



  • A Success Kit: This kit has every tool you need to make your cleanse success last a lifetime.
  • Tons of bonus handouts: Juicing 101, Portion Control, Is Gluten Free for Me, 40 Snacks on the go, Eating out 101, Carbs 101, Detox Feel Goods, & more.
  • Membership Access to our Facebook Forum for Inspiration, pictures, bonus recipes, guidance and support led by me


As a added bonus you  have the option to book an discounted and exclusive 30 Minute private break through session with me via skype or phone.  We will discuss your post cleanse strategy so that you can incorporate what you have learned into your healthy lifestyle.  Available for Cleanse clients only.

TOTAL VALUE over $1000

Early Bird Price  $167

Regular Price is $197


Access free informative Webinars and Q & A calls about the program ,  HERE!


But don’t wait until the last minute when you can save with the Early Bird Price,  and immediately get access to the program to better prepare yourself. 



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With this program, you will:


*Feel empowered

*Revitalize & Energize your body

*Enhance Immune function

* Lose weight naturally

*Reduce cravings 

* Reduce inflammation 

* Learn tools to de-stress 


You will feel grounded, alert, powerful, ready to take on the world of eating clean every day of your life because you will have the support and guidance you need to make lifestyle changes! 

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