Forget everything you know

Forget everything you know


What if you were asked to forget everything you know about, well, everything.  What if you were able to start out each day with a clean slate, no baggage, no fear, no worries, no expectations, or anything else that might stand in the way of you being present with yourself?  What if you knew that it would allow you to create space for a new beginning? Its’ 2018, are you ready to clear your plate, create space and allow life’ s energy to move through you effortless and freely?

Would you say yes?




If you notice your mind making excuses on why this is not possible, available or necessary. I invite you to notice how that feels in your physical body.  What sensation do you feel? Take a deep breath and ask yourself, when did I first notice that I felt this way in my body, in this moment, during my life. What age was that for you?   Welcome it with a deep breath. Congratulations, awareness is the first step. But maybe you need action steps to move forward, we all do.


Maybe you noticed the changes to our website, this is just the beginning of what is to come.  You can get a little insight on changes to come on the About Me Page, or just know that change is happening in service to the needs of our community.  This year we are offering interactive online workshops, that you can access from your own home, at a very low cost, to encourage change in areas of your life that you may know are holding you back.  We know and value that true health is about healthy relationships with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Nothing we be left out in this series, you won’t want to miss.  For our New Year special, you sign up for all 12 monthly workshops at a savings of over 30% for only $150.


These workshops are interactive through ZOOM. There will be no recordings.  Carve out the time and commit to you!

SIGN UP for one of the first 3 and be entered to WIN a free annual group coaching membership through SELF DEVOTION. Retail value over $700!

Here are the topics for the first 3 Workshops, former info click HERE!

January 30th  8 PM EST- Cultivate Change for a New Beginning 

February  22nd 8 PM EST- Let Go of Limiting Beliefs 

March  28th 8 PM EST-  Gratitude and bringing presence into your life. 



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  1. I love the title of this post. Thank you for your wisdom Jenny, you are truly a gift to the planet and your community. “Freeing the mind” For the past three months I have been learning to witness my mind, and all the silly thoughts it comes up with out of nowhere. Thoughts that majority of the time will activate negative emotions like anxiety, frustration, and sadness. But, when I take step back and notice the feelings (anxiety:tight chest and shortness of breath) in my body it acts like a tool that pulls my awareness away from my mind chatter, into my body, then into the stillness of being that resides underneath it all. When I do this I quickly connect to my inner voice, a voice that always speaks truth to my mind chatter and reminds me of who I truly am. And from that place I am able to make wiser choices, actions, and behaviours. Simply a new way of being.

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