Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Group Coaching Circle





  • To inspire, empower, coach, lead, and support women through a healthy lifestyle transformation where healthy relationships to a all areas of a health self = healthy lifestyle habits. 


  • Inspired by my personal transformations and experiences and desire to coach women to their potential. 


  • To cultivate balanced living: Self Love through nourishing areas of Spiritual Growth, Physical Health, Mental Vitality, and Emotional well being.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.

“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

~ Lao Tzu

Nourishment is the foundation for SELF LOVE


Create the life you want. Evolve to your highest expression. Transform your life!


What is your relationship with a healthy self?  Are you willing, curious, or inspired to increasing the quality of your life? Do you want healthy relationships, physical health, vitality, and to understand your beliefs about health?  If you want a change in your life, it takes action, and I am here provide the steps, support, tools, guidance, and nourishment for your success.  If you are ready to step into healthy lifestyle habits this year, take the first step and join the Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Group Coaching Circle. 


  • Annual connection to the Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Group Coaching Circle.  This is where we create healthy relationships with all parts of a healthy self and create change to living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching office hours for all your questions and support. 
  • All seasonal CLEANSE PROGRAMS: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter (total value $668)
  • A 28 Day Healthy Whole You Transformation: Nourishment of Mind, Body, and Soul (Value $247) 
  • 7 Day Easy Weight Loss Program… to use whenever you are ready! (Reg $67)
  • 7 Days of Doing RAW right.  The how,why, what, and when of doing a raw food cleanse (Reg $67)
  • Exclusive 52 weeks of Meal options for a Healthy Family (value $120)
  • Exclusive Members only Community Connection Calls on zoom or facebook live to check in, connect, and inspire! (Value $600)
  • Up to 75% Savings on all programs offered (price as shown)
  • Login/password worldwide access for webinars, food demo videos, products & programs
  • Exclusive Bonus 3 Day Juice Cleanse, 3 Day Awaken Cleanse, 7 Day Renewal Cleanse  Programs
  • Optional Monthly 30 Minute Accountability/Breakthrough Sessions. Exclusive to Group Coaching and Cleanse only.
  • Lifetime Membership Access to all Healthy Beach Girl © products and program materials, all upgrades and new recipes to current programs are included.

YOURS FOR ONLY $59/ month

Total value over $3200


  • You will receive complimentary upgrades including new recipes,videos, webinars, podcasts,  guided meditations, upgraded programs, e-books, and more. 
  • Informational Newsletters and Event offerings
  • Bonus Recipes Books, Guides, Videos and more throughout the year. I am always creating things are you will be the first to have access to new stuff! 
  • Purposeful support through text, email, and a private facebook forum to answer all your questions of a healthy lifestyle for your family. Topics include holistic health, essential oils, wellness, nourishment on all levels of mind, body, soul and spirituality. You will receive the quality of care that you deserve as we connect, empower, and learn together. 

Let’s make sure its right for you! 

Book a complimentary 15 minute Clarity call here! 

Are you ready?

Only $59/ month

Pay in full save 15% (Save $120)


Want a little more TLC? You can add in monthly 30 minute coaching sessions with me for total empowerment, accountability, transformation, and success! Are you ready to rock?

Treat yourself to the VIP “Vitality Inspiration Package”

ONLY $995/year


*Valued over $5000, payment plans available

The Group Coaching Circle 

  • A promise to deliver the highest quality of Healthy Lifestyle Transformational Coaching.
  • To guide, support, witness, inspire and empower you to fully stepping into your own self transformation.
  • To deliver your Self Devotion Experience using experience, knowledge, training, coaching, and support.
  • To teach you highly effective Healthy Lifestyle Options for living in balance and fully nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

Your Experience Guarantee

  • You will learn various different healthy lifestyle options that work for you including various healthy habit options for nourishing your plate, as well as living your life in balance.
  • You will have the guidance, support, and inspiration that you need during your personal transformation.
  • My commitment to the creation of your own unique experience combining my training, knowledge, and experience through Holistic Health Coaching, Meditation, Women’s Empowerment and Life Coaching in a way that works for you.

Your Role in your Transformation! 

  • This experience and commitment is about YOU, fully stepping into who you were born to be.  You already have every thing you need within you, and once you have guidance, support, inspiration and a community of like minded people to support you, everything is possible for you!
  • Be fully present to the challenges as well as the gifts (often our biggest challenges are our greatest gifts) during your transformation.
  • Acknowledge yourself on your journey with gratitude and self love.
  • Be open and authentic to yourself and our community.  This is a sacred community and a safe place to show up as you!
  • Be willing to learn, explore, ask questions, and evolve!
  • Be kind and patient with yourself and with everyone in our sacred space during this journey together!

 *You agree to 12 monthly payments of your connection to group coaching with Health Beach Girl at $59/month.  After your 12 months, your membership includes Lifetime Access to Program materials!  

**The Healthy Lifestyle Transformation  Group Coaching Terms of Agreement applies.

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