Healthy Whole You Signature Program

You might be a healer of energy, health and wellness, holistic wellness, relationships, a yoga teacher, a seeker, a life or business coach, philanthropist, or in a position of leadership in your business or your community. 

People rely on you for guidance, support, leadership, healing, and services.  You are here to make the world a better place. 

What if the gift you are here to share with the world is the one thing that also keeps you out of balance? 



I know I am here for a purpose of serving humanity and throughout my journey, I encountered many challenges that usually manifested in my physical body which is why I passionately share this offering with you. There is one thing I learned in the healers that helped my on my journey and about myself and that is that it is most important that we put ourselves first, and often the hardest thing for us to do.  We are so busy helping others that we forget to ask or even receive the support we need. Is this you?

You are a woman who lives a life in service to helping others, supporting and coaching others to live their purpose and you need a system that supports you to do your best work by honoring your healthy self.  I  know this works because I am just like you. It was hard for me to receive support in the beginning which resulted in many health issues.  I know I was born for the purpose of changing lives and uplifting people and gifted a big heart, intuitive mind and great work ethic. There was a time when women felt like they had to sacrifice more to give tot heir families and to there world. Not today.  Our contribution to the world is needed now more then ever, and we must break old beliefs and patterns and embrace the way of the future through Unity to Self.  Service to others by knowing ourselves.

We share our gifts and remember that  being of service does not mean that we lose ourselves in the process. My success came with struggles because I needed a support system. We all do.  Our physical bodies speak to us when we are not in balance.  When  I did not listen to my intuition and physical body as a health coach, my body would become uncomfortable no matter how healthy I ate.  My endocrine system, hormones and digestion  would feel out of balance because my adrenals were fatigued.  I needed someone like me to come along and offer the support of honoring the physical body while growing personally and spiritually and connecting to my authentic self in my practice. I found my support system, invested in a ton of resources in training and personal growth and created my own system to share with you. If you know you are here for a purpose, and are willing to dive deep to create a healthy foundation to live your authentic self, do you have a system of checks and balances that works for you? I find that for many women, it is always easier to give then receive and if you are a healer, teacher, coach, or in some other capacity of giving to the world, how are you allowing yourself to receive support? Take the time to invest in your health while you have the choice. 

The Healthy Whole You Signature Program is a purposeful delivery of information, tools, and guidance to support you in connecting with all areas of a Healthy Self Transformation.  Together we co-create the experience as we navigate the different parts of a Healthy Self. We cultivate healthy relationships to all parts of a healthy self through the foundation of principles that embody the Healthy Whole You.  This includes the embodied body, mind, heart, and spirit.  When we establish healthy relationships, we create healthy habits which transforms into a healthy lifestyle. 


We will begin by creating a sacred space to cultivate change.  You will learn the What, Why, and How to create sacred space in your life. We will get clear on your goals, anything standing in the way of you reaching your goals, and connect with how it will feel in the Healthy Self when you reach your goals.  This is possible when we get clear on values and beliefs.  This will include creating healthy boundaries in areas of your life to create space during your transformation.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Intuitively guided meditation and visualization to create sacred space
  • Discovering Your Why
  • The Outcomes of Reaching Your Goals
  • Redefining Healthy Boundaries During Your Transformation
  • The Vision Board
  • Your Daily Gratitude Journal
  • The Value in Self Worth Self Reflection
  • Meditation and Self Care Time (Healing  the Healers)

Resources you will receive :

  • The Heal-thy Self Transformation Mini Guide
  • The Commit to  Change eBook
  • The Gratitude and Presence Journal
  • A list of Meditation Resources
  • A Recorded Guided Meditation on Creating Sacred Space


By now you have established your self worth and your Why for Your Commitment to this program.  You are ready to create energetic space by letting go of beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.  This profound experience will present itself in the way that is right for you.  Uncovering beliefs that we have been carrying around our whole life and that show up as repetitive patterns is profoundly transformational.  From this place of awareness, we move into acceptance and are able to shift our perception to create new empowering beliefs.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Experience and intuitively guided meditation and visualization to help you uncover a profound belief that is holding you back
  • The 4 step process to uncovering and letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to manifest empowering beliefs
  • Learn to choose and integrate the right positive affirmation
  • Discover empowering beliefs

Resources you will receive :

  • Uncover and Let Go of Limiting Beliefs eBook
  • Uncover Limiting Beliefs Recorded Webinar
  • Let go of Limiting Beliefs Recorded Meditation
  • Recorded Guided Meditation to Uncover Limiting Beliefs


Some of us may have been taught that being selfish was not ok. Well I am here to support you in taking this time to be selfish, honor your needs and put yourself first.  The more you are willing to dive deep in this work, the greater your reward will be.  Many of us are contributing to the world and the lives of others in some way. We easily find that we can share love in the world but do not always turn that feeling inward or easily receive form others.  If this is you, this changes now.  We realize we are love.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Experience and intuitively guided meditation and visualization to help you receive and accept Self Love
  • Connect with our Beliefs about Self Love
  • How to Receive the Love we deserve
  • Understand Unconditional Love Simply Because We Exist
  • Create the Belief that We are Loved, Loving, and Lovable
  • Self Compassion

Resources you will receive :

  • The Art of Self Love eBook
  • Understanding Core Values
  • Blocks that keep us from receiving Love
  • Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson
  • Recorded  Guided Meditation for Self Love


You know your self worth and are ready to commit to change by honoring your physical body. We learn that nourishment is a basic form of self love. During this session we connect with the physical body.  You will learn to understand how to Nourish your body  for your lifestyle, unique needs, and genetic predisposition.  You will learn how food effects the body and understand how to love how you feel when you eat the right foods.  We will also understand our relationship with food and any attachments that you might have.  We will pay special attention to foods that cause inflammation to help understand when and why the body is not living in vitality.  We will also understand the significance of Mindful Movement in the physical body.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Nourishing and Nutrient Dense Foods
  • How to integrate Simple Healthy Habits
  • How to Eat for you bio-individuality
  • The many ways that food effects us
  • Eat right for you, Reduce Inflammation
  • Eat for Energy Guide and Recipes
  • The Power in Nutrient Dense and Super Food Recipe Guide
  • The Raw Food Guide

Resources you will receive :

  • Healthy Habits and Foods Questionnaire
  • The Food Focus and Nourish Your Plate eBook
  • The 28 Day Healthy Whole You Recipe Guide
  • The Super Foods eBook and Bonus Recipes
  • The Eat for Energy Guide and Bonus Recipes
  • Heal your Gut Guide and eBook
  • The Food Diary eBook
  • Recorded  Guided Meditation on a healthy physical body


We are learning how to properly nourish your bodies so that we love living in our physical body. This session we cover the importance of physical body awareness through mindful movement. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • We will also understand the significance of Mindful Movement in the physical body.
  • In our Session, we will cover the following:
  • The What, Why and How of integrating Mindful Movement
  • Healthy Boundaries in the physical body

Resources you will receive :

  • Eat for Energy eBook
  • Fuel Your Workout Recipe Guide
  • The Mindful Movement and exercise eBook
  • The Mindful Movement Self Reflection Sheet
  • A recorded Guided Meditation to connect with the physical body


Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and Transformation are not easy. It takes courage, willingness, a humble heart and a capacity to serve something greater then yourself to commit to this journey.  This Session was created in messages that repeatedly came to me throughout my transformation and it is important to share with you. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Our existence has humans as healers and leaders is to serve the higher good.  It is imperative that we remember the purpose in our human experience is to find joy.  There will always be speed bumps, painful experiences and contractions but we have a choice in how we perceive our experiences.  Allow and welcome the contractions and expansions in life.  Remember to have fun, play, welcome vulnerability, a humble heart, sense of humor and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Connection to Joy in the physical body
  • The importance of Core Values, Play, Pleasure, Meditation
  • Understanding Living in the Flow of Expansion and Contraction
  • Understand the Balance of Being and Becoming

Resources you will receive :

  • Resource Guide to create Core Values
  • Create Purposeful Intentions for Receiving Joy in Life
  • A Recorded and Guided Meditation to find the Joyful Inner Child
  • Living in Alignment with your Core Values Checklist and Resource Guide


You are your greatest gift. As a personal and spiritual growth coach, I recognize that our only purpose in life is to live authentically in the highest expression of ourself.  It is who we are, not what we do that contributes to the world.  Each of us is our own unique gift to this universe because no one can be us.  This is where we come home to who we really are and we decide how we want to show up in this world. We embrace that a transformation is really about stepping into who we were born to be.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Understand what our higher self is
  • Learn the What, Why and How we connect to our Higher Self
  • Manifest new desires and goals that are aligned with our Core Values
  • Abundance is our Natural State of Being

Resources you will receive :

  • Higher Self Mindset Checklist (Higher Self Academy)
  • Higher Self Characteristics (Higher Self Academy)
  • Higher Self Crucial Mindset (Higher Self Academy)
  • The Guided Meditation to connect to Higher Self


We have many different bodies that unify to create our existence.  Some of you may be sensitive to there energetic vibration of the world. You may even be an Empath, Intuitive, or a healer.   We are going to discover ways that our energy body shows up. We will also uncover the  Principles of Ayurveda and of the Chakra System that are a part of our Energy Body. As a bonus I will include tools and resrouces for you to tap into if you are interested in learning more on how to balance your energy body.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • An Ayurvedic Overview
  • Learn and Understand your Dosha
  • Learn and understand the basics of the chakras through (color, sound, yoga poses, essential oils and foods)
  • Understand your Cravings
  • Learn and understand the basics of the chakras through (color, sound, yoga poses, essential oils and foods)

Resources you will receive :

  • Ayurveda Self Study
  • 3 Season Cleanse Guide and Seasonal Cleanse Guide
  • Find Your Dosha Quiz
  • Essential Oils Resource Guide for Dosha
  • Yoga Poses Guide for Dosha
  • Foods for your Dosha or energetic constitution
  • Essential Oils Resource Guide for Chakras
  • Yoga Poses for Chakras
  • Food Guide to open Chakras
  • A Recorded and Guided Meditation to connect to the Energy Body


Mindfulness is really about  bringing our mind into a state of awareness in the present moment. Awareness usually means that we spend less time in the “mental chatter “, and more time living in the present moment.  We can apply mindfulness to every area of our life.  There can be a misconception that mindfulness requires action. That expectation immediately takes us out of a mindful mind, because it takes us out of the present moment.  Mindfulness is an active way of being.  Like everything else, it takes awareness, acceptance, and practice, to fully integrate a mindful way of living. We are going to review easy steps to integrate mindfulness in our everyday life.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • 5 areas of life to integrate mindfulness
  • The What, Why and How to live mindfully

Resources you will receive :

  • Tools for Mindful Living
  • Mindful Eating
  • Meditation Resources
  • Essential Oils Guide
  • Aromatherapy Guide
  • Feng Shu Guide
  • Mindful Living Affirmations and Intentions
  • A Recorded and Guided Meditation to encourage Mindfulness


Your dreams and desires will guide you into living in alignment, and bring clarity to your life purpose and mission. We will discuss the process of following your excitement, the role choice plays in sustaining your success, and why it’s important to stay flexible, live in your higher expression and  co-create your experience as we surrender to Grace. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Discover Core Values and What Matters Most
  • Connection to Inner child
  • Connection to Creative Flow

Resources you will receive :

  • Manifest your Dreams and Desires Checklist
  • Core Values Exercise
  • Vision Board
  • A Recorded and Guided Meditation to Manifest Dreams


Discuss the basic laws of how we co-create and manifest things into physical reality.  We will discover elements that affect your ability to manifest and live abundantly by uncovering Blocks and Opening up to receive.   Learn how to Manifest through Inspired Actions and release attachment to outcomes.  Surrender to the Abundant Flow of Life.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Abundance is our Natural State of Being
  • Understand Abundance Blocks
  • Open up to Receive Your Worth
  • Discover you Strength, Gifts Physical Talents
  • Understand the Universal Law to  co-create Abundance
  • The Balance in Giving and Receiving (letting go creates space for new beginnings)

Resources you will receive :

  • Living in Abundance Checklist and Guide
  • A Recorded & Guided Meditation on Living in the Abundant Flow of Life
  • Access to the 90 Days to Abundance Workshop


Everything we have done so far has led us up to this.  We know that our greatest gift is to live authentically as our highest expression. We have uncovered and implemented steps to create a Healthy Whole You that allows us to fully transform into who we were born to be.  Why do we do this? Because we serve a higher purpose. We serve a collective conscious, the Creator, God or Source of our existance.  We live in service to this collective consciousness because we exist.  And now that we have a healthy relationships to all parts of our being, we are able to share out light with the world.  As we do this, it allows others to do the same.  We raise the vibration in a room simply because we walk in, because of who we are, because we are connected through Unity. All of our experiences are so much greater then each of us.  When we learn and understand this, we bring clarity to the WHY in our personal growth.  We each have spiritual gifts and physical talents that we were born with . They are part of who we are and to live in alignment through unity consciousness, we must honor and share those gifts and talents.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Connect to source and Intuition as part of a larger integrated network
  • Unblocking your intuition
  • Discovering your Physical Talents and Spiritual Gifts
  • Establish Trust to Intuition and higher self
  • Surrender to Grace

Resources you will receive :

  • Intuition Checklist (Higher Self Academy)
  • Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson
  • Question Checklist for living in unity
  • Recorded Guided Meditation to connect with our Intuition and Unity Consciousness
  • Recorded Meditation to Embrace and Surrender to Grace
  • Learn your Enegram Type



In the module we will cover the balance of living both feminine and masculine energy.  We will learn and understand the benefits of each type and how they contribute to our growth.  You will gain clarity of living in the flow of Expansion and Contraction. You will also discover basic archetypes that we live in.  

In our Session, we will cover the following:

  • Being and Becoming
  • Surrender to Grace
  • Embrace Self Compassion

Resources you will receive :

  • Meditation to access feminine energy
  • Meditation to access masculine energy

If you have questions, book a complimentary clarity call. Ready to build the Framework for you Transformation? Book a Session today!


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