Jan Ross, A Happy Client


Jan joined us from our Local Bella Vida Yoga Group Spring Detox. Isn’t she beautiful???? Another one of my HAPPY CLIENTS!


I am feeling so good and plenty satisfied on phase 2 that I am going to stay on that for a while. I lost 3 lbs last week and with my thyroid problem, I have not lost ANY weight in 3 years (just keep adding!!). I am having 2 bm’s a day. I normally have 1 every 2 days. I may add beans, quinoa or rice in a month or so.Is there any problem to continue on phase 2? I am keeping it very basic. I drink the tonic in the morning then a green smoothie with chia or flax and hemp. kale & spinach salad with various veggies, fruits and avocado, typically chicken and pumpkin seeds on the salad. I make my own dressing with avocado or olive oil garlic, herbs, lime juice and white basalmic vinegar. Veggies and protein for dinner or a smoothie if I am not too hungry.-

Jan R,  Ponte Vedra, Florida.


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