The Key Component to Cultivate Change

The Key Component to Cultivate Change

The Key Component to Cultivate Change in your life.

The New Year welcomes the opportunity for many of us to create new intentions in our life. Of course we can choose to do this any day of the year but there is always an energy in the air of commitment, motivation and inspiration after the holidays.  There is only one choice we have to make in the commitment to cultivating change in our lives and that is to RECEIVE!  To open our hearts and minds to receive whatever comes our way.  To receive the invitation just to notice our way of thinking about the world around us and how we respond.  To shift from “I don’t need this” or ” I know this already”, to ” What can I learn from this experience or this person?”  When we are open to receive, we open to change and transformation in our own lives!  Take this as an invitation to notice what ares in your life could you open to receiving?  Where am I ready for a new beginning? Perhaps its a job, relationships, your way of thinking or your health? Our Healthy Beach Girl Community is starting out the year with 4 fantastic ways to connect with inspiration and opportunities to receive connection, inspiration, knowledge and a transformational experience.  Here are upcoming events to check out!

  1. Self Devotion Group Coaching Circle
  2. Group Nourish Whole you 6 week Program with A&J Chiro
  3. 28 Day Transformation Online Group Coaching 
  4. Monthly Online Community Group Coaching Interactive Workshops

Use code HBG10 to save 10% on any of the above offerings through January 21st!

NEW in 2018 

Monthly workshops on living in balance (included with self devotion) including topics:

  • Cultivate Change for a New Beginning
  • Let go of Limiting Beliefs
  • Healthy gut Balance through balanced living
  • Reduce inflammation and dis-ease in the body
Check out EVENTS to stay informed and join the Healthy Beach Girl Nourished Life Community for discounts and information on how to join!

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