Let go of Limiting Beliefs

Let go of Limiting Beliefs

I am so energized by the work I am sharing with both my online and local community lately. Last year, I claimed what I am actually doing with clients and transitioned from Holistic Health Coach into Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Coach to create a Healthy Whole You.  We are creating healthy relationships with ALL parts of a healthy self, which then creates healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.

The limiting belief that changed me and my work

I started my business in 2012 as a holistic health coach with the belief that if we eat healthy, we can heal ourselves, and we will never get sick. In 2015, I learned that was a limiting belief for me because at the peak of eating clean, when my business was doing amazing, I had a little health crises. I had an emotional attachment to my belief. When my belief showed up as not true, I questioned how I would contribute to the world.  I knew I had to change. I learned the value of balanced health through the integration of mediation, yoga, self love, connection to all parts of a healthy self AND, I saw it in the clients I was working with too. Balance is key. One gift I have that I am so grateful for is my willingness to turn challenges and experiences into empowering and transformational change in my life. I have invested tens of thousand of dollars into myself  and personal growth to transform my life, and have created packages and programs for my clients so they can do the same, but with guided support and a lesser investment cost. Read more about my story here.  


We cannot change what we do not know

When we can recognize a limiting belief, and discover its origin, we gain clarity of why it exists. AND then, and only then, can we choose to accept it, release it, shift our perception, and create an intention to move forward.

Here is the hard part.  We have to be willing to acknowledge where this belief first showed up in our life. Once we engage with where in our body it shows up and how it feels, we ask ourselves  “When did this first show up”.  In my workshops, I  offer a healing meditation to show that this connection comes from our highest self. Chances are that the emotion associated with this belief has been a pattern throughout our lives.  For most of us this limiting belief originated as a false belief, and may show up somewhere in our childhood.  Heck, it might not even be our belief at all. It could be something we learned to adopt, or it might even be hidden on the subconscious level, or show up as a genetic karmic pattern that runs in a family. My point is, some beliefs run very deep but we all have them. They may also develop based on traumatic experiences like my personal one about healthy eating and never getting sick.  I identified so much with my own healing story that I became attached to the outcome.  Same feeling, same pattern, different circumstances. Are you with me???

But Why and How do we Let Go of Limiting Beliefs?

Releasing limiting beliefs is profoundly transformational.  I invite you to question beliefs that show up for you.  Ask yourself if you know where you feel it in your body, when did you first notice it, is it serving your highest good, do you know it to be true?

Once we identify the belief, the healing begins through a 4 Step Process*

  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance (and forgiveness)
  3. Shift Perception
  4. Create a new perception and intention

I cover all of this in this month’s complimentary online workshop.  Download my free worksheets as soon as you reserve your spot.  Of all the workshops I teach, this is one of my favorites. It is one of the foundational action steps to create change in your life.


*As I move forward it’s important for me to recognize those who have mentored and inspired this work for me.

Heather Alice Shea, creator of The Higher Self Academy

Keith Holden, MD, and author of “The Power of the Mind in Health and Healing”

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