Let the Power of Your Fear and Limiting Beliefs be the Bridge to Manifest Change. (Elephant Journal)

Let the Power of Your Fear and Limiting Beliefs be the Bridge to Manifest Change. (Elephant Journal)



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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lau Tzu

As a Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Coach, I am able to recognize patterns in human behavior that with keep us from living the life we want, or that can propel us to the next stage of a transformation.  Most of us start out each new year with an intention to create change in our lives.  We feel excited for new possibilities and for change.  February rolls around and many of us find ourselves stuck in old patterns again. We watch and wonder how some people can just decide to create change in life, while others struggle.  This is an opportunity for us to notice if we are willing to take the steps necessary to create change. Often times our fear of failure, or a limiting beliefs keep us from creating the changes we want in life.

The truth is most of us don’t want the people around us to know we are struggling.  We may hold ourselves in to high of an expectation often leaving us a feeling of unworthiness. Maybe we even feel unworthy of change. Some of us may not even want to admit that we need help. Even when we do take steps to change something in our life, it can be hard to admit or acknowledge our triumphs because then it shows that we needed help in the first place.  Does this sound familiar?

Where did we lose our self compassion?  As a mother I think to myself is this how I want my daughters to feel and be? My answer is no. I want them to learn self compassion and unconditional love.  I want them to give and receive it.  Often times we are so good at giving, and not always good at receiving. I want them to see the good, bad, and the ugly. I want them to see that as a humans we are perfectly imperfect.  All parts of us need to be loved, even our fears and limiting beliefs.

So if we are willing to admit that we are not perfect, then we know we can acknowledge and release limiting beliefs and fears that show up in our life. They  do not serve us to live in our highest intentions. We can forgive ourselves through acceptance and self compassion about the experience that created these limiting beliefs or fears.  They show up as excuses, limitations, resistance in the body, negative self talk, sometimes thinking we can’t understand, that we know everything already, or they can even manifest in the body as dis-ease or illness.  Limiting beliefs have many personalities.

When we are willing to  sit with that which we do not love about ourselves, understand it and feel it, only then can we transmute it into something positive.  We can use the energy that we have been storing up to suppress those beliefs and fears, and transform it into a new positive intention or belief. I am a person who sees the world through energy and vibration.  As I have spent time willing to be vulnerable and present with my shadows, fears, and with my limiting beliefs, I acknowledge and feel that I move toward total unity of myself.  Accepting those fears and beliefs moves all of us towards unity. We move toward the new belief, acceptance, or vibration of unconditional love.  We do this because we acknowledge and accept every part of ourself.  When we resist those shadows, fears, or limiting beliefs, we are actually rejecting that part of ourself, and therefore attracting the vibration of rejection.  Uncovering limiting beliefs is profoundly transformational when we have the tools to acknowledge, accept, and shift the perception of our fear or limiting belief.  We are not denying the experience that created the belief, we simply transmute it to something positive. After all, that fear or limiting beliefs is part of who we were and who we have become.  We are honoring our experience and beliefs by transmuting  the energy from fear to love.  When we do this, we attract more of that in our life. More unconditional love, bliss, empowerment, abundance or whatever we are seeking.  So I invite you to let the power of your fears or limiting beliefs be the bridge to manifest change in your life.

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Let the Power of Your Fear and Limiting Beliefs be the Bridge to Manifest Change.

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