Meditate, Listen and be Vulnerable

Listen, Meditate, and be vulnerable!


Have you ever wondered what you purpose is in life? I mean really wondered?

Have you asked yourself. . . 

What is my purpose?

How will I serve the greater good?  

What am I suppose to contribute to the world?

What are my strengths?

What are my gifts?

What are my core values?

For as long as I can remember as a young child, I thought about these things.  Whether it was a position on an athletic team, my role in the family I grew up in, as a leader in different situations I found myself in. I have always been a “seeker”.  Looking for something bigger then me.  I valued myself for my knowledge and understanding of everything that I could learn. I loved and still love to learn. I finally learned that I already have everything I need to be exactly where I need to be and guess what so do you!  Its true!

How did I figure this out? 

I had to learn to appreciate time alone!

This took a long time for me.  Most of my life I was a very extroverted social butterfly. Becoming a parent in 2006 is where that journey started. All I wanted was a uninterrupted sleep or a shower alone for years.  I craved silence and the idea of being “bored”. I finally appreciated time with myself and began to discover who I really was.

How did I do this?


Meditation can be many things. It can be a long run or swim, surfing in the ocean, playing an instrument, a yoga practice, fishing, golf, any activity that requires focused awareness,  or the traditional sitting with self in silence, with music or a guided meditation. I am the last person who thought I could mediate.  I was the child who prayed every night before bedtime so how could mediation be so different? Well its not really, other then it is more listening rather then asking. I started through a yoga practice.  My body’s movement would more easily quiet the mind.  I realized that when I looked back in my childhood I did this a lot when I swam competitively. The repetitive movement was peaceful. The quiet space I spend with myself whether 1 minute or 20 minutes allows me to create SPACE to allow myself to be ME, fully present.  No emotions, no doubts, no fears, no thoughts, just ME. I discovered that I love ME. So throughout the years, I have incorporated meditations and visualizations in my programs to help clients to be present in the moment, without the doubt and mind chatter.   So I invite you to


This is a simple habit that will reset your automatic nervous system –


During that one minute is when the answers will come.  I love to use the idea of BEING THE OBSERVER OF OUR THOUGHTS! Like standing the edge of the water and watching the wind blow endless ripples across the water.  Each thought is a ripple that flow endlessly away from you.  That is when space is created for listening.  Allow your imagination and creativity to flow freely.  See what comes up for you.  If nothing comes up right away, ask a question, and become the observer of your thoughts again.  This is a great place to start!


Wow there is so much power in Vulnerability. I was first introduced to this idea by Brenee Brown and her TEDTALK on the Power of Vulnerability .  I can tell you that every time I decide to fully open my heart and TRUST that every experience is to serve my alignment in living my highest purpose, I am filled with gratitude and abundance.  Even the challenging experiences. I invite you to open your heart fully to being vulnerable.  Realize that other people’s judgements or ideas are not about you and so therefore you do not have to allow them to effect you in any negative way. Open your heart and trust the process.

So guess, what, we have a choice to open up to possibilities.  We have a choice to change what we want to change about our lives.

What changes do you want?

Do you want health?

Do you want happiness?

Do you want abundance?

Do you want better relationships or a job that makes you happy?

Everything IS possible.  


You have a choice! Everything you want in life is waiting for you to take the first step.  You are worth it.


What do  you want to manifest in your life today?  To find out, I invite you to MEDITATE, LISTEN, AND BE VULNERABLE OR OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES!

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I would LOVE to hear what YOU think! How do you spend time alone?  How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

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