Post Detox Celebrations!

If you missed our Spring Detox, don’t worry, there is always next Spring. I know that is far away, so I am also offering two specials to keep you feeling your best this summer!  11 Day Eat Clean DIY Program for Summer at a super uber discounted price  and the 7 Days to do Raw Right! (perfect for summer). And remember all programs are LIFETIME ACESSS, and that was our 7th Spring Detox!  So that means, you can join at the discount but get the same program others have paid up to 50% more off.

We had such an auh-mazing experience this Spring. I mean truly!  So honored and uplifted by all those who share the experience with me so I am highlighting a few of the lovely ladies to celebrate them!  And this is just  a few of the amazing messages I received.  To see more of what I am talking about and to follow along for inspiration if you are thinking of joining us for any of our Self Love and Clean Eating Programs throughout the year, send a request to Healthy Beach Girl Nourished Lifestyle Community and join the Healthy Vibe Tribe!

Read some uplifting Praise! 

I just wanted to say how much this detox helped me! I was not eating in a way that nourished my body or my mind (I get downright mean to myself when I look in the mirror sometimes!) When Jenny posed the question before we started “What % of your food came from nature today?” It gave me a really simple way to look at my diet and got me off to a great start. I stopped getting the 3 pm energy crash and irritability! I stopped bingeing at night.

My inflammation is way down, my pants are loose, and more than one person has said to me “This is the way you need to eat for the rest of your life.” And I agree.

It’s like eating in harmony with the way my body wants and needs fuel just makes me happier. When I’m happier I’m a better mom.. so the rest of my life is a long time.. but I’m going to try! Thanks Jen McCarthy Mons!!  Kristin G, Ponte Vedra, FL

I’m a few days behind everyone else (today is my day 5). I felt pretty crummy yesterday and this am, but I think I have turned a corner. Headache is finally gone and the bloating I was seeing seems to be subsiding (yay!!!! Just in time for Vegas and swimsuits!!!!!). I usually eat super clean, but with “life” craziness, especially over the last year, I have fallen off the wagon a bit. Thanks, Jen McCarthy Mons for getting me back on track. It feels so good. And I have rekindled my love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. So grateful. ❤? 

Ok Jen McCarthy Mons, you are killing me here! I love food anyways, but these new recipes are ah-amazing!!!! I know I keep saying it, but I’ve tried a few more and am in love!!!! Last night I made the sauteed swiss chard with black sesame seed and served it alongside some fresh salmon baked in coconut oil, dill and garlic. Hubby says he could eat the chard dish every night!!! Tonight the detox nori rolls, to which I added a bit of last nights leftover salmon (I’m a protein girl!!!). OH….MY….GOSH!!!! The flavors were incredible. Wish I could eat these every day!!!!! I just may…. Meagan Castelli, Jax Beach, Fl

I think I have my “WHY” for doing this detox! ! My original reason was to unlock something inside my body that has made it difficult for me to lose weight! My feet have caused me pain for sometime now and I know if I drop down at least 25lbs it will take a lot of pressure off my feet…BUT NOW, there is a much more important reason! ! My sister has cancer and had a stroke and after just finishing chemo 2 weeks ago they think more cancer has come back. We will get her biopsy report this Monday She struggles with bad eating habits!!! So I approached her with the idea of us cooking CLEAN together every Sunday and preparing healthy food for the week for both of us! ! This detox is going to allow me to learn tools to eat clean and to be an example to my sister of how empowering it can be to take control of the things we can change! !! Thank you Jen Jen McCarthy Mons!!

SPECIAL OFFERING UNTIL JUNE 1ST! JOIN THE 7 DAY RAW program for only$47!  Learn about creative, delicious ways to add more raw fruits and veggies in your diet.  You don’t have to be “raw” or “vegan” you just have to be YOU, willing to learn new ways to take care of your health with nourishing and delicious foods!



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