The Nourished Whole YOU

The Nourished Whole YOU


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Nourishing Strength

You want to tone and strengthen. Your private yoga practice will  be a flow or power style with core strengthening exercises to build muscle tone safely and effectively for you.  Your nutrition guidance will support clean eating choices that leave you feeling energized for your active lifestyle.

Nourishing Bliss

You are in need of some TLC with a therapeutic style of yoga and mindful meditation.  Your private sessions will include offerings such as essential oils, guided meditations, chakra energy balancing poses and more, all tailored to nourish the whole you. You want a healthier lifestyle by reducing stress, nourishing your plate, and lots of Self Love.  Welcome to Bliss!

Nourishing Detox

You are ready for a change within.  This program includes cleansing the mind, body, and spirit from within.  Your private yoga classes and nutrition will include poses and meals for gently detoxing  your body from the inside out and allowing your radiance to shine through!

Nourishing Your Plate

You want guidance in nourishing your plate and eating right for you!  This program is customized with options such as in home meal preparation, guided shopping tours, pantry makeovers, inspiring recipes and more!  As with all of my programs, our approach focuses on a balanced approach of nourishing all aspects of life.

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Throughout my journey in this lifetime, I have had many identities including Professional Mechanical Engineer, Merchant Marine Officer, Naval Officer, Collegiate Athlete, Swim Coach, Windsurfing Instructor, Fitness instructor, Daughter, Sister, and most importantly Mom and Wife. All of those things are just things I DO, but they are not who I AM.  Many of us have asked the question “Who am I and what am I here on Earth to do?” Read More