Do You Put Your Energy Where Your Core Values Are?

Do You Put Your Energy Where Your Core Values Are?


Are you Living in Alignment with Your Core Values?

Do you put your energy where your values are? This picture shows my core values. 

Discovering our core values helps us to live in alignment with our purpose.  Putting ourselves first, self love, and knowing our self worth, are the first steps to living life in balance with our highest intentions!  Our Core Values are what matter most to us.  Unfortunately, many of us are too busy to acknowledge or put resources towards what we value most, until its too late. Some of us want immediate results or satisfaction, and we can lose sight on what really matters. Sometimes, we are willing to sacrifice our Core Values for instant gratification. We say things are important to us, but then we do not act in that way.  I share the belief with my kids that our “Actions speak louder then words”. Does this ring true for you?

I encourage you to take this opportunity to notice if this is true for you? Are you living in alignment with your core values? Do you know your core values? If so, which ones are challenging for you? Scroll down to the bottom for an exercise to discover your core values. 

The one core value that I struggle with the most is play time. I deeply value having fun, and yet I do not get enough. I sometimes turn down opportunities for fun, because I think I have to do something for work. Sometimes it is true, and other times it is a choice.  I know exactly where the belief came from, because I have done the self work.   The belief is not even mine. It is a learned belief as a child that”I have to work hard to be successful”. To me success is happiness. This is a belief that once I noticed, accepted, received, and shifted, created more opportunities for fun, and effortless work opportunities.  Amazing! Just like I wrote in the “Abundance is our Natural State of Being” , when we surrender to the flow of life, and live in alignment with our core values and our authentic self, magical things can happen! 


Guess what, if you are tired of feeling like things are just too hard, you are overwhelmed or overtired, chances are very high that you are not living in alignment with your core values. 


Here is a fun example of choices we might make that could conflict with core values, “I will spend $100 on a pair of yoga pants, but might eat fast food because I think it saves time or money instead of nourishing myself the way I know I should.” 

Don’t pay the “fast food” price for core values in you life, or you will get those type of results. This is how it shows up when we are not in alignment. Sure it feels good to buy something new as an act of self love but that is instant gratification.  A true act of self love is knowing our worth and understanding the belief system that creates the patterns in our lives which show up in how we make decisions. True self love is living in alignment with our core values. 


Here is the catch, our experiences are made up of conscious and subconscious choices. So what we do subconsciously, or unconsciously, (not from a place of alignment and truth), sends messages to our conscious mind about our beliefs and values and we begin to live in that vibration instead.  

This is why habits are so hard to break.  We have to find out which tripwire prevents us from living in our core values. 

Common Tripwires or blocks from living in alignment with core values include:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Lack of Self Worth
  • Illusion of Time
  • Illusion of Separateness (every decision creates and energetic pattern of who we are)
  • Confusion on Exchange of Energy through Money

These are 5 Steps to Convert those blocks to inspired actionable steps

  • Know your self worth
  • Connect to the emotion of what it will feel like when you live in your core values
  • Convert Self Worth, Time, and Money into Core Values
  • Discover your reasonable pain point.  We value what we put our energy in to.  What is a reasonable amount of time or money that you are willing to commit to your self worth? The more of a commitment you make, the more rewarding your experience will be.
  • Contemplate the Potential for Loss if you are not willing to commit to your core values:
    • loss of health, loved one, time, pleasure, joy, relationships, opportunities, etc.

Let go of Your Belief of Limited Resources. Its a limiting belief that no longer serves you. 

Resources are not limited, in fact they are abundant.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and money is just an energy conversion.  In both cases, it is the perception we and we can ask yourself if you are  open to receiving in all areas of your life?  I wrote a blog on both why it is so hard for us to receive and   how we co-create our healing experiences when we allow ourselves to receive

Learn and commit to putting your energy where your values are: how and why?

  • It is saying to yourself, this is valuable to me. (both subconsciously and consciously)
  • Acknowledge and feel your worth to time, money, effort or other resource investment.
  • Ask yourself “What change will you create to live in alignment with your core values?”. 
  • This is the life story you manifest for yourself. 


Don’t make shortcuts.  We live in a country and a time where we think we can have and want everything for nothing. That is not an equal exchange of energy.  Shortcuts are just putting off our core values and goals. Trying to get the “best deal” on something you value is like saying “this is all that this value is worth to me”. I will just share that I personally have invested  10 years and over $100K in my own personal transformation and it has been worth every minute and every penny.  It is how and why I am able to live the way I do and support other women to do the same. I live my life in alignment, from a place of self worth and self love.  Not every minute of every day, but most of the time :).  

Where do you commit your resources? Is it towards your core values? Our resources are an energetic exchange between what is available and what we value.  

What happens when we do not live in our core values? We are at a risk for personal loss. Here are areas for potential loss, are you willing to give up?

  • Loss of Health
  • Loss of Loved One
  • Loss of Relationships
  • Missed Opportunitiues 
  • Loss of Time
  • Precious Moments

Now you know why and how we want to live in alignment with your core values, and what happens when we don’t, so are you ready to discover yours?

Discover you CORE VALUES!

Take a few minutes to write down 5 of your Core Values

What do you LOVE?
What lights you up?
What’s important to you?
What really matters to you? 
Why are these things important to you? What makes them special?
What people, places or things do you associate with these emotions?

Now Say your 5 CORE VALUES out loud 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let’s try it again.

This time, I want to you say the FEELING through the word.  Emotion creates an anchor in the body. 

You discovered your core values! Now imagine what thoughts and emotions you will experience when you are operating from your core values?

Now it’s goal setting time! What are some actions and changes you can make to start living in alignment with what you value most?  List a specific action or change you can take to begin aligning with that value and include a time frame for completion. (I recommend SMART Goals)

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