Release Fear and Welcome a Rebirth

Release Fear and Welcome a Rebirth
 photo credit Outi Harma
This image shows how I felt after a call with a life coach yesterday. You know who you are. Thanks love for creating a safe space for me to explore what I am sitting with. Yes I have my own energy healer, intuitive coach, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and esthetician. I am a big fan of self care and self love. I wasn’t always, but once I discovered my self worth and the joy in it, I wont go back.   Practice what you preach right?  This year, I have committed to 20 min of deep daily mediation and have times where I struggle with total surrender and  here is why. I am afraid of death. So my ego tells me of course you are, you had a life threatening experience in this life and you knew you had a choice. A Deep meditation can sometimes bring a sensation of spirit transcending and leaving the body.  We become lighter. So I am reminded to trust that my physical body will continue working with spirit and allowing life to flow through me, rather then resisting the flow of life. 
I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself, what areas of your life does resistance show up?
What time in your life did that feeling start?
How would it feel to move past that? What would that look like for you?
Here is what I now realize. I am taking place in a dying and rebirthing process (again) but this time very different. My physical body, human mind, and all of the patterns and beliefs that I have been holding are dying, and I am ready and sometimes frightened at the same time.  So I return to gratitude because in gratitude, fear cannot exist. Its actually physically impossible for the brain to recognize fear and gratitude at the same time. 
Are you ready to move forward? For a re-birth or transformation? Big or small? What comes up for you when you hear these words? If you feel resistance, chances are you have blocks to uncover. I invite you to book a complimentary discovery call to uncover blocks that may be holding you back and establish action step to move past them.  

Are you ready to welcome abundance in all forms into your life in healthy relationships with spirit, mental clarity, life goals, physical health, resources, happiness and vibrance? 

Are you tired of resisting the flow of life.  Why wait any longer. Take the first step, book a discovery call, its complimentary.  Or join our new Online workshops series, where every month we cover the 12 pillars of Transformation. 
For Online Workshop Topics, cost, time, and to sign up , Click below! 
Our first one is January 30th at 8 PM EST! 
photo credit Outi Harma

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