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Nourishment is the foundation for SELF LOVE

Evolve with Self Love and Devotion A feeling of strong love or loyalty, the quality of being devoted. The use of time, money, and energy for a particular purpose. 

Source: Websters Dictionary

Your Purpose

What is your relationship with Health?  Are you devoted with self love to increasing the quality of everything in your life? Your relationships, your health, your vitality, your quality of life and more.  If you are committed, I am committed to you.  Good Health takes action, I provide the steps, support, tools, guidance, and nourishment for your success.  This program is consciously created for you to receive unlimited support, tools, and guidance from me throughout the year. So if you value your time and health, here is the first step. Join the Self Devotion Inner Circle. 


  • Annual connection to the Self Devotion inner circle.  This is your commitment for 1 year to your health on all levels, but remember programs are lifetime access (because life happens)
  • All four seasonal EAT CLEAN PROGRAMS: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter (reg $167 each, total $668)
  • A 28 Day Transformation: Nourishment of Mind, Body, and Soul (Reg $197) lifetime access, all upgrades included 
  • 7 Day Easy Weight Loss Program… to use whenever you are ready! (Reg $67)
  • 7 Days of Doing RAW right.  The how,why, what, and when of doing a raw food cleanse (Reg $67)
  • Exclusive 52 weeks of Meal options for a Healthy Family (exclusive, value $120)
  • Members only webinars with food demo videos, facebook LIVE classes and more! 
  • Up to 70% Savings on all programs offered (price as shown)
  • Login/password access for webinars, food demo videos, and more!
  • 50 % Discounts on other NEW programs, workshops, and services
  • Exclusive Bonus 3 Day Juice Cleanse, 3 Day Awaken Cleanse, 7 Day Renewal Cleanse  Programs
  • 10% discount on all Wellness Parties (15 person min)
  • Lifetime Membership Access, all upgrades and new recipes to current programs are always included.

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  • You will receive all new offerings for FREE including new recipes,videos, webinars, podcasts, guided meditations, upgraded programs, e-books, and more. 
  • Informational Newsletters and Event offerings
  • Bonus Recipes Books, Guides, Videos and more throughout the year. I am always creating things are you will be the first to have access to new stuff! 
  • UNLIMITED support through text, email, and a private facebook forum to answer all your questions of a healthy lifestyle for your family. Topics include holistic health, essential oils, wellness, nourishment on all levels of mind, body, soul and spirituality. You will receive the quality of care that you deserve as we connect, empower, and learn together. 

Are you stuck in life in one or more areas of nourishment and health in your life?  If you value your time and your health, all your answers are right here.  This is your connection to your self devotion for your authentic amazing life that you are meant to live through awareness and connection. 

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 *You agree to 12 months of your connection to self devotion with Health Beach Girl at $39-$49/month.  After your annual connection, your membership includes Lifetime Access!  Any new programs added the following year are available to you at 50% discount.

**See Self-devotion program agreement applies. Self Devotion Terms of Agreement