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Everything I offer is designed to inspire the cultivation of health & happiness in your life and includes coaching support. 

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These free offerings are designed to help you get started on your path to health and happiness. All you need to do is enter in your email address and receive your free gift!

Seasonal Recipes

On sale for $7 each

Each season includes 60+ nutrient dense, mouth-watering and delicious Healthy Beach Girl © recipes. Recipes includes meals, snacks, desserts, smoothies, juices and more!

Jumpstart to Health Programs

Starting at $17

Are you ready to dip your toes into a jumpstart program?  Each programs is filled with delicious and healthy recipes including smoothies, snacks, meals, juices and more!

7-Day Programs

Starting at $47

Choose between the 7 days of doing Raw food right and discover when and how raw foods are beneficial for our body and the 7 day intro to healthy and whole foods eating program.

Cleanse Programs

Starting at $77

The community favorite is an 11-14 day Clean Eating  Anti-inflammatory  Program. Inspired by my in depth knowledge in detox training. You will be amazed with the results!  If you want better sleep, more energy, youthful skin, to shed unwanted pounds, less aches and pains, and so much more, this is your answer.

28 Day Healthy Whole You Transformation

Starting at $187

You know ultimate health and happiness is more then the food you eat. It is also about self love and having a healthy relationship with food.  This exclusive 4 week program includes e-books, self work, on how to Commit to Change, how to properly Nourish your Plate, the Art of Self Love, and Mindful Movement.

Self Devotion Group Mentoring Program


Starting at $8/wk

This is our community group coaching circle with a promise to deliver the highest quality of healthy transformational coaching. Includes jumpstart, 7,11, 28 Day programs +  exclusive programs with coaching, benefits, webinars, private coaching calls and more.  All for the less then the weekly cost of a smoothie or juice.

Online Workshops

Starting at $15

Join us throughout the year for our online community workshops and webinars in the comfort of your own home and receive a free gift for joining!  Click below to see workshops and dates offered!

Gift Certificates

Gift the gift of health and happiness throughout the year.  Show your loved ones how much you value their health and happiness with a gift certificate!

Essential Oils


A clean lifestyle is not just about the food you eat! If keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy is a priority for you, then I invite you to learn more about essential oils.

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Are you passionate about health and wellness? Would you like to add value to your business, yoga, or fitness studio?  Learn how to become an affiliate and earning income when you join our community and share our products with your clients.  Let us do the work, all you have to do is share! Click below to apply.

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