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Health Tips for the Busy Person on the go!

 Health Tips for the Busy Person on the go! Some people get intimidated by the prospect of having to prepare clean food to eat. Even if you don’t have the time to make elaborate meals, you can still eat clean and feel amazing Here are my top

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Why a Health Coach?

Why a Health Coach?   To be successful you need a coach, not a cheerleader 🙂. Success happens when you have support and inspiration from someone who loves you for who you are. That is me and I am a healthy lifestyle coach.. Why? Because I empower

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Juicing 101. The what, how, and why of Juicing!

Juicing 101! Every three days you are actually regenerating the cells in your digestive tract. Remember the foundation of this detox is to give your digestive system a break. So let’s focus on how you can heal your body even more with juicing!. If you have a

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Dance Trance Easy Weight Loss Program Q & A call

Dance Trance Health and Nutrition Thinking about joining but have a few questions? Do you want to learn more about our New Dance Trance Easy Weight Loss Program ©? Join us for a Q & A call as our New Dance Trance Easy Weight Loss Program kicks

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3 Ways to say “I WIN”

3 WAYS TO SAY “I WIN!” 3 WAYS TO A NEW BEGINNING THIS SPRING! 3 WAYS TO CONNECT, INSPIRE, DO SOMETHING FOR YOU! 3 WAYS TO WIN A FREE PROGRAM I have been feeling this ” I WIN” way since I beat the flu this year. Read

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Health Conscious Horizons Podcast Series with Healthy Beach Girl

Join us Every Monday for a Podcast Series with Healthy Beach Girl.   Join the Community!  Join the Tribe! Inspiration~Authenticity~Nourishment~Community~Fun Healthy Beach Girl supports women through living a well balanced life through authenticity, community, fun, nourishment, yoga, mindfulness,meditation, and holistic wellness.  If you have a question send

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Avoid the flu with these tips! How the flu ruined our vacation even though I didn’t get sick!

Why we “flu” home from Panama a week early! The flu ended our adventures in homeschool traveling early, but I was glad we came home and here is why! Scroll down to the bottom for tips on avoiding the flu! On Friday, February 26th, we flew to

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Creative Smoothie Love

Starting your morning off with some creative smoothie love, is a healthy and easy way to start the day.  In our house, mornings are a bit crazy and you don’t have time to even think of a recipe.  Keep it simple! Have your favorite go to recipes

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You know it is within your power to be healthy, so why do you make excuses?

You don’t have time to be healthy?? Often times people will share their excuses with me on why they do not have the time to make healthy choices or commit to a program.  This is just a matter of prioritizing what is really important to you.  When

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Why We Fear Change

Please Don’t Change Me! I am happy the way I AM! I have had the pleasure of inspiring many women on a path to a healthier lifestyle over the last few weeks through various workshops.  It gives me the energy to do what I do. I also

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Why Balanced Health is True Health

How do you feel about where you are right now? Are you comfortable and happy with where you are? And I hope that you are! I know that we all have moments in our life where we feel like we are ready for the next step in

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Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues Chances are that you or someone you know has a sugar addiction.  From Halloween through the Holiday season, it seems like there are more treats at every event, dinner party or work function then the rest of the year.   It is said that sugar

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How to overcome the Lunchbox drama

THE LUNCH BOX DRAMA How to pack a Healthy Lunch Are you struggling with what to pack your kids or maybe yourself for lunch on the go?  You are not alone. I was so excited for school to start and a routine and then it hit me…. Now I have

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Chia…Cha Cha Cha Chia seeds

Cha Cha Cha Chia!   Who could forget the fad of the cute little animal claypots that sprouted into fluffy green chia pets.  My daughter recently brought home a clay pot in which chia seeds sprouted as an Easter gift for me.  I immediately made the connection

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