3 Ways to say “I WIN”

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3 WAYS TO SAY “I WIN!” 3 WAYS TO A NEW BEGINNING THIS SPRING! 3 WAYS TO CONNECT, INSPIRE, DO SOMETHING FOR YOU! 3 WAYS TO WIN A FREE PROGRAM I have been feeling this ” I WIN” way since I beat the flu this year. Read “Why we “flu” home from Panama early” but […]

Why We Fear Change

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Please Don’t Change Me! I am happy the way I AM! I have had the pleasure of inspiring many women on a path to a healthier lifestyle over the last few weeks through various workshops.  It gives me the energy to do what I do. I also love to  share the message not take this […]

Why Balanced Health is True Health

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How do you feel about where you are right now? Are you comfortable and happy with where you are? And I hope that you are! I know that we all have moments in our life where we feel like we are ready for the next step in our journey. Sometimes our thoughts and our ego […]