The gift of Service

The gift of Service


Wow, its been a ravishing month to say the least! Sometimes it can feel like our world is spinning in circles or gone mad, but we all have a choice in how we choose to see our experience and create our life story. You many know that one of Healthy Beach Girl’s core values is COMMUNITY and its been our pleasure to serve communities locally and abroad over the last month including:

Feeding North East Florida
Salvation Army
Hubbard House
Dance Trance
Children with Allergies
Atlantic Beach Police and Fire Departments
and both St Thomas and Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief.

After experience my own losses during 2016 with Hurricane Matthew and all of the life changes and challenges that come with the experience, I knew that my next fulfillment of gratitude was the gift of service. I am in the business of service so I honor the exchange of energy that takes place between two people or two businesses. I knew first hand how hard a natural disaster was to endure in this country and I began to think, if I could help one person, one family, one community, it would be of service to humanity. This experience far exceeded any imaginable gratitude thought possible. My husband and I taught community live music yoga classes and raised money for several local organizations, and offered pick up or to receive donations to support the above efforts.

My husband began to share how in his line of work, the crew of ships coming in the port were spending there own money to buy goods and take them to the islands in need. Because of my husbands position as ship captain and Harbor Pilot, we were able to reserve space on a ship to send relief aids and work with the local community directly in Puerto Rico to distribute items for the community. Although it was a small scale, it made a BIG difference. Because large trucks were unable to move cargo, we were able to connect with local people to use personal vehicles that are more maneuverable to drive into the communities and distribute food, solar powered cell phone chargers, water, hygiene products, pet food and more.

I was so humbled by the gracious and generous hearts of so many who reached out to help. Thousands of dollars were donated for us to buy supplies, even from strangers. All of the people who came together and TRUSTED us, in the effort, in humanity and the goodness of the human heart made of of this possible.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to support our communities! And now its time to return to the service of our Healthy Beach Girl Community.


Our NEW HOLIDAY CLEANSE/DETOX  is just around the corner and being offered this November. If you are looking for some self care, self love, medicinal food, delicious and nourishing fall/winter recipes, support, fun, or all of the above, check our of Holiday Cleanse/Detox.


Next Group coaching will be offered in January for our 28 Day Healthy Whole You Transformation!

It is always the right time to start LIVING your life!

With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha
The Healthy Beach Girl!

” Trust that there is a way to support humanitarian efforts. No task is too small, especially during a humanitarian crises. Every small thing makes a big difference, even just one person, one family, one community. Where there is a will, there is always a way, and you will be kindly welcomed by so many more people with big hearts!” Healthy Beach Girl

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