Three gifts from a hurricane

Three gifts from a hurricane

I am sure I am not alone when I say that the last few weeks,  preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, weathering the storm, and the aftermath have been some of the most emotionally and physically exhausting weeks experienced in a long time. Weather (play on words) you live in Florida, Texas, the Caribbean or the other places that have recently been affected by the power of Mother Nature or not, most of us feel the impact that a powerful force of nature like this can have on humanity.  There is so much devastation, heartache, and suffering, but in our most vulnerable moments is where we find the truth of who we are, and we can choose to look around and acknowledge the many gifts that such an upheaval in our daily routine can give us. I have a list of about 15 but here are my top 3. I call them my gifts from Irma.

  1. The illusion of permeance and letting go of attachments.
  2. Our own inner sanctuary is the only true place of safety in our lives.
  3. Our most vulnerable moments help us to embrace the power of the present moment and the truth of who we are.  Even if negative things come up, its an open door for personal growth.


Permeance is an illusion.  Nothing lasts forever, except maybe the energetic force behind your soul or spirit, if you believe that we are more then just a physical being.  Well “energy cannot be created or destroyed”, it only changes form, said a smart guy named Einstein.  I believe it. Some may relate to this connection to God or the Divine Source of all love.  Many of us feel and say the same thing but use different words to describe it.  The truth is someday, our human experience in this life will end, and so will those loved ones around you.  Everything can be taken from you in a second.  A loved one, your home, your health, all of these and more are all possible.  One thing I learned from Hurricane Matthew when we were displaced from our home for  6 months due to damage, was that I was not attached to material things, but i was attached to my quality of life. I didn’t want to be bothered with insurance claims, unreliable workers or the feeling of standing up to a bully everyday just to get our house fixed.  I like it when things are fun and easy because that is a choice I make. But sometimes life throws us a curve ball when we get comfortable so we can continue our journey towards personal growth.  In fact those of us that experience the most heartache are usually the ones who experience personal growth beyond our comprehension.  So what I learned and am striving to live by are a few of these reminders: wear your favorite clothes, shoes and jewelry, don’t save them for a special occasion, eat dinners in your fancy dining room, go on vacations, call your childhood friends and family, surf when its good, ski/snowboard on those amazing days, find the job you love, create the life you want. Life is literally too short an every day is a gift to say no to the opportunities. I woke up the morning of Irma and all of a sudden I am 40 years old!

Inner Sanctuary, What is that?  Your inner sanctuary is YOU. It is your spirit, your passion, your unconditional love. Its that sacred quiet space when nothing else in the worlds matters except the present moment. That space between the inhale and exhale on a breath.  As a surfer I think about the moment between catching the wave and riding it. Where experts on big wave surfing believe we hold our breath. It is the perfect moment, it is the present moment and therefore a gift. It is the ONLY real thing that exists in that moment is just it, that moment.  So while we could run around in circles literally creating our own hurricane like energetic vortex around us, worrying about the future, deciding about the “what ifs”, what I found helpful, very helpful, was to stay grounded and connected to breath. This allowed me to make good choices that kept my family safe and with a lot less stress, and as a bonus a lot of meditation was taking place, rather then stressing before the hurricane, or spending  all day in a car only to be followed by the storm.  Meditation can be through a walk on the beach, siting in silence, connecting with nature, playing with your child, or through prayer.  Find what works for you.  Start with 1-5 minutes a day. The smallest change will make the biggest difference. When you create and connect with your inner sanctuary, your inner self, you no longer need direction, approval, survival, and all the attachments that come with our human experience.

The power of Vulnerability. A great Ted Talk by Brenee’ Brown. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend it. Our most vulnerable moments help us to embrace the power of the present moment and the truth of who we are.  For many of us, our weakest moments can be where we find strength. Even if negative things come up, its an open invitation for personal growth.  Yes this is truth.  When life gets real, none of those little things matter, am I right?  When you evacuate for a hurricane thinking you may loose everything, what do you really bring with you? Usually photos, artwork, memorabilia, etc, not most of what you own.  How many of you in hurricane areas receive a call or text from an old friend?? I received many, it was such a blessing! When someone you love becomes sick, are you able to let go a grudge or negative feeling toward them? Maybe you are a boss at work,a parent, caregiver, keeping it all together while others around you are falling apart. So guess what, now its time to celebrate the truth of who you are.  What is one thing you can give yourself gratitude for during less then favorable times in life? Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Maybe its the fact that you didn’t loose your sh** this time.  Maybe you ate one less box of cookies under stress then last time. Find those moments of strength, acknowledge, and celebrate yourself.

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So what does all this mean anyway? If you follow my posts and blogs you may know that I believe strongly in our own ability to choose our life experience by how we perceive what happens to us.  Like Mother Nature showed us, we are not in control.  Every day we are reminded in little and big ways that all of this is bigger then us and control is simply an illusion.

Some other insight I gained included

  • Every day is a celebrations (Irma came on my 40th bday so I didn’t celebrate the way I wanted to)
  • The smallest act of kindness can go a long way
  • The power of NOW
  • Your support is always needed somewhere
  • Its never too late to do anything, ever
  • Mother Nature is in control and she wants us to respect her now, not tomorrow.


With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!




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