What does equality for women mean to you?

What does equality for women mean to you?


This has been a big weekend for women all over our country to express their beliefs about women’s equality.  It triggered me to to explore the changes on the beliefs I have had over the years and recognize how I feel about equality for women today.  My personal story would give you some insight on my radical experiences as a woman in this life and how I chose to create a path that would allow me to step into the areas where I felt disconnected as a woman. I lived in a man’s world for over a decade and its no surprise that I was never happy. Changing from a mechanical engineer, reserve officer, to a path of coaching and healing felt right for me. That is where the healing began for me.  If you are reading this and you are a women, I invite you to take some time today to explore how this shows up for you.


When I ask the question, what does equality mean to you? What comes up for you?  I invite you to explore sensations in your body, emotions, visions, past experiences that may have helped shape your beliefs or response to the question.

Here is my answer.  For me,  Equality is Freedom. Freedom to fully express who I am, without expectations, fear of judgement, how others will react when I fully express who I am.  You cannot put a price on freedom, the freedom of expression, to fully express who were are.  Did you know that this is a choice?

The question brought me to my childhood.  If you have siblings, you might remember a time where you felt one of your parents treated you “unfairly” or unequal to your siblings. This may still happen today even as an adult.  If you are a parent of more then one child, you may already now know that it is near impossible to treat two people who are uniquely different, the same. They are not equal, equal means the same, and they are unique.  If you do treat them the same, then you might be doing them a disservice by not acknowledging who they are as individuals. Of course there is the balance of family core values, house rules, and consistency as our role as a parent. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the emotional connection or relationship you have with each child, or person in your life.  So when we feel we have been treat unfairly, its an opportunity to raise the question, why do I feel this way and what choice do I have.

I am grateful for all the women who are standing their ground and shifting the energy in our world right now. Our world is ready for this and we need this.  We have endured many challenges and changes in our life time, especially the older we are. For me equality is also different then equal rights. As a 40 year old, I am amazed on how little time there was before I was born at some of the biggest changes in history in equality for all Americans.

Freedom is a choice

Here is what came up for me once I realized I want freedom. Freedom is a choice.  Its always a choice.   Our perception of being treating unfairly or unequally is an opportunity to explore a belief we have about what is true in our own lives.  Where did this feeling first start? How old were you? What did you notice? What did you change? What belief did you create? Is this serving you at this time.  Chances are we do create beliefs that serve us for awhile but then as we grow, our beliefs may need to shift. Maybe what once served us, is no longer needed.  I know for sure, that has happened many times for me.

Is there a belief in area of your life, maybe specific to how you feel as a woman in today’s world that you would like to change?

Do you see those two girls with me? Maile is almost 12 and Lanea just turned 9. They are precious to me.  They encourage me to explore my beliefs to grow as a human being, as a mother. To be the change I wish to see in th world. To live by example, and to be in service to those looking for change.  Their world will be different then ours. The only constant is change.  They will have everything they need because its the world they live in. But will we be ready?  I would love to hear what you think!

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