Why is it so hard to receive the support we need? Are you ready to receive?

Why is it so hard to receive the support we need? Are you ready to receive?

I have been teaching a lot of transformational workshops lately about discovering healthy relationships to a healthy self and there is a common thread I find wherever I go……It can be easy to give to others in the world, not so easy to receive.  Especially as women.  We take care of our spouses, the children, we volunteer and we work or run our own business. We give love, services, and our creative expression to our business, loved ones, church, schools, or any place that we spend time and find value in. But how do we receive this same support?  We can show up and be physically present to receiving support, but there is another layer of actually receiving the support on a cellular level. I love beginning my workshops and sessions with meditation because it removes those subconscious blocks and allows us to more fully receive through being present. 

I invite you to take a moment right here and now to think about where in your life this support does show up? Chances are it shows up somewhere. Friendships, yoga class, book clubs, community gatherings, your loved ones or some other experience that you enjoy. If you are looking for a supportive community, consider our Healthy Lifestyle Group Coaching Circle. 

Now take a moment to acknowledge those that do support and love you and feel how that supportive energy shows up in your body.  Once you can feel it in your body, give yourself and those that support you gratitude for all that they are and you are. Most important recognize that receiving is within and we should not depend on others for our support but rather allows ourselves to fully receive the experience within ourselves.  

If you do find yourself feeling depleted and overwhelmed you can come back to noticing that feeling of love  and support you have for others in your life, I mean really seeing, sensing and feeling it and then turn it inward. In this space we know that we are worthy of receiving all that we give because we are that which we create in our own body. 

This is how it shows up when we do not receive support we need. (I know I have been there)

  • low energy
  • overwhelm and overtired
  • stressed
  • unhealthy emotional eating
  • dis-ease and illness, usually auto-immunity

As I wrote in my blog about living in the abundant flow of life, I shared that everything in our life is here to support us to live in peace, health, and happiness. There was a time in this world when women worked hard to have equal rights and go out and get a job.  We now live in a time where we can have pretty much any job we want in the western world. There may not be equality in every aspect of every job but there are so many possibilities for us.  I know because I worked in a very male dominated profession and environment for 10 years before stepping into my true purpose.  But, we now our challenge is to find  BALANCE. We are in a new time and those old beliefs do not have to be ours.  We have a choice to support and receive more of what we want. 

As I teach workshops on self love, and a connection to all parts of a healthy self, our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self, I recognize that even though we know the value of self care, eating healthy, personal growth, yoga, etc, and we take part in the acts of nourishing ourselves in different ways, we may not always be fully receiving the gift in those actions of self care.  

Receiving is the gift and is only possible when we are fully present.  


Here are a few tips that I practice and teach.

  • Have gratitude for yourself and all that you have done to get to this moment in time
  • Honor your physical body and take time to fully connect to your physical body and its needs.  Establish how you will find what your body needs and most importantly it will feel when you receive what you need. 
  • Take moments of mindfulness every day in every area of your life. Maybe a different area each week, noticing what your needs are.  

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Are you ready to receive support?


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