You won’t be ready for this

You won't be ready for this

How do you feel about your role as a parent?  About the quality of the life you are able to create for your kids? There are many challenges in today’s world that we encounter on a daily basis just to keep up with the current trends that our kids are exposed to. Our kids seem to be ready for and know more then we do at times about our changing world because they were born into this.  What if I told you that this is because they were born into the vibration of the Earth as it is occurring at the time of their birth, and so they have already adapted to it? If you are parent, you might already know the parenting experiences are something we are truly never ready for. That’s because its not just about us anymore. We are not in control.


Do you ever feel like it’s hard to connect with your kids? Is it hard to understand where they are coming from? This often shows up as a mirror for us in ways where we can connect, learn and grow more within our own self.

Most of us feel this way at some point in time right, totally normal.  You already know that we have a choice in parenting: to create a structure with rules and boundaries, or to let them be, fully expressing who they are.  Many of us live in the balance between the two.

Here’s the deal. Parenting has always been hard. Its one of the hardest things many of us will ever do, at least those of us willing to try and be good parents. I am no parenting expert but I know one thing to be true.  I believe children are here to teach us.  They serve as mirrors, reflections, and are here to teach us what we need to know. The kids coming into this world are more evolved and connected to spirit then most humans currently existing in this human experience during this time.  It’s a Quantum Physics approach to the humanity situation existing in our world. * If you happen to be a parent right now, and you are able to have moments of being fully present with your children, you may have had moments where you are just amazed at the stuff they come up with.  I mean in a way that is sometimes beyond this world.

So here is the choice, whether we like it or not, or choose to believe it, time is an illusion (we created the measurement) and the illusion of the world we live in is that time is speeding up.  Everything is moving faster. This shows up with instant access to information via the internet. I mean instant access to everything. Groceries delivered, immediate downloads upon purchase, everything.  The challenge that is existing right now and that is going to become more prevalent is that we as parents, if we want to be conscious and connected parents, will have to raise our own vibration to match that of our children.  What does this mean? We must honor ourselves first. There are many steps, tools, and ways to do this.  The first is awareness and recognizing a choice, what kind of parent will you be? An enforcer, a creator, observer, maybe a blend? Connected or disconnected?  The new online workshops I have created for this year will provide steps for us to step into who we were born to be (without all the baggage) and nourish our relationships with ourselves, loved ones, food, money, jobs, or other areas that hold you back. I believe our children choose us, and they choose wisely into a mutual agreement at a soul’s level for both parents and children to grow and expand in this lifetime.

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*Resources The nine Waves of Creation



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